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These 3 Zodiac Signs will Experience the Best Full Moon in Aquarius August 2020

There is no better time to celebrate the cosmos than on the night of the full moon. After all, this is when the moon, the celestial body that governs your subconscious, your emotions, and your instincts, reaches its fullest state.

Besides the mesmerizing beauty that you witness, there is also a certain power radiating in the air, which is why witches always take advantage of the full moon for their spells and rituals. If you are in the mood to incorporate magic into your life, you are in luck, especially if you were born under Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, as the August 2020 full moon will be the best for these signs of the zodiac.

However, if you are a fan of astrology, you might be a little apprehensive about full moons. A full moon is a momentous occasion that signifies climax, completion, revelation, and reward. More often than not, the experience is overwhelming and exhausting. Thankfully, this Full Moon won’t be as emotionally intense as others have been in the past. In fact, it can be quite clarifying and calming.

This full moon occurs on August 3 at 11:59 a.m.ET in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a more rational, factual, and independent zodiac sign who doesn’t easily get lost in the chaos of their emotions.

This Full Moon will help you move away from everything that is currently putting pressure on your feelings and look at everything from a more individualistic and unique perspective. By forming a strong square with erratic and unpredictable Uranus, you should always expect things to change anytime you want, but by the time this full moon is over you might be in a very different place.

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Your world is full of opportunities. The world is your oyster, Gemini. You have so many opportunities ahead of you and if you keep a closed mind and focus on all the negatives, those opportunities may just pass you by.

Keep track of all the unexpected ideas, wonders, and chances that befall you during this full moon, as there may just be a fortuitous event that takes you on an exciting and thrilling adventure.

Right now you need to step back from your norm and embrace an image that is very different from anything you know. It will be worth it.





You rediscover all the things that bring you joy. Get in touch with your inner child during this full moon, Libra, as it has been stuck in time out for far too long. There is no need to follow appearances and put forward a boring, serious, and “mature” image.

Let go a bit, because there is a screaming kid trapped inside you just begging for a little sunlight. What did you like to do when you were young, before all the responsibilities?

What is it that brings you pure, unadulterated joy, even in the most difficult times? This full moon wants you to focus on that and nothing more.





You gain the strength to embrace yourself. Now is not the time to worry about fitting into a perfect mold, Aquarius. You are a uniquely shaped person and you could never fit perfectly in something else.

Instead of trying to fit into the mold, be your most sassy self and let the world mold itself around you. You are a pioneer right now and this full moon is making it known.

Look within yourself and find what makes you most unique. If it alienates some, it will satisfy the rest, and that risk is always worth taking.

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