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These 4 Zodiac Signs are the Most Empathetic of All

Saying that you are empathetic means that you understand or even feel what other people are going through to the point that you can put yourself in their place. It can be a good thing; I am proud of my empathy myself. However, being an empath can also be difficult for someone who knows the ups and downs of others.

This is probably the reason why the most empathetic zodiac signs – Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces generally appear to be enigmatic and, sometimes, even unmoved. But these are just a few of their many layers.

According to Psychology Today, psychologists use the term empath to describe someone who is “capable of literally feeling and taking on the feelings of others as if they were feeling these feelings themselves,” making it almost a shared experience.

That being said, here is why Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces are the most empathetic signs of the zodiac:



Cancer: Your sensitivity is entirely maternal

Led by the ever-changing Moon, those born under the sign of Cancer can be as elusive as they are loyal. This cardinal sign of water is not only fueled by the emotions that hide deep within their psyche, but they are also psychically in tune with the vibrations that surround them.

It could be everything from someone’s emotional well-being to spiritual, living and persistent anxiety, somewhere haunted. In addition to carrying this mental radar throughout their lives, the heart nourishing Cancer cannot help but get emotionally involved.




Virgo: You want to serve others

Analytical, meticulous and practical, it is not surprising that Virgo is governed by a curious Mercury, the planet of communication and cognition.

The spirit of a Virgo is an intellectual treasure map, swirling with productivity and resourcefulness. The empathy of this mutable earth sign is not emotional; it’s quite the opposite.

A Virgo will analyze, evaluate and criticize; their real concern stems from the logic they have acquired, but even then their insatiable desire for order could become overwhelming.

If you have Virgos in your life, you have probably noticed the secret stress they undergo when things do not go as planned, even if it does not concern them.




Libra: You can always relate

Libra is a breath of fresh air and it is precisely because of their natural grace, charm and diplomatic spirit. Socially curious and always aesthetically pleasing, a typical Libra will go out of his way to put himself in the place of someone, just so that he can really understand his point of view.

This is how this cardinal aerial sign relates to others, and they have no trouble completely changing their atmosphere, according to the people around them. If a Libra feels distant, it is probably because he has become socially attached to a new brilliant atmosphere.

If they are suddenly a chronic imitator, don’t be discouraged. Take it as a compliment – it’s Libra’s attempt to see the world through your lens.




Pisces: Your kindness is superb

Emotionally vulnerable and totally mystifying, a Pisces can tune in to anything and everything, all day, every day. It sounds like a magic carpet trick, but it can, unfortunately, affect their emotional stability.

Led by universal Neptune, the dreaming Pisces know absolutely no boundaries.

This is one of the reasons why so many Pisces are born with artistic gifts; the content they produce comes from the invisible realm, which means that their muse is divine.

The spirit of Pisces is vast and encompassing everything; there is really nothing that this sign of mutable water will reject, either mentally or emotionally. Open-mindedness is an understatement.



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