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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have an Amazing Full Moon in Aries October 2021

Have you ever felt nervous about the Full Moon? If so, you’re not imagining things. Full Moons tend to up the ante and stir the pot. As the Full Moon draws closer, you may start to feel more emotional and responsive. You may even feel like something big is about to happen.

After all, the Full Moon is the most critical time in the 28-day lunar cycle. It is when truths are revealed, that changes take place, and a light is shed on something that you may not have realized before. Fortunately, not all Full Moons hit you with the same intensity.

The coming Full Moon (aka the last Full Moon before Halloween) has the power to show you what you’re really passionate about, especially since it takes place in fiery Aries, a zodiac sign that never fails to say what he thinks, do what he wants, and go a little too far.

There’s a reason Aries has a reputation for being one of the most ambitious and zealous signs in the zodiac. Aries lives for the idea of winning and will do whatever it takes to prove that they really are the best. Let this Full Moon remind you of all the ways you too can be the best.

However, this Full Moon might not induce major changes for you if your Sun or rising sign turns out to be a fixed sign. Taking place on October 20 at 10:57 a.m. ET, here’s what the following zodiac signs can expect:



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TAURUS AUGUSTYour subconscious is bleeding into your reality. During this Full Moon, you may feel particularly stunned by what your subconscious is telling you, Taurus.

Your dreams can come alive, planting seeds in your perspective of your thoughts and feelings.

There may be a lot of emotions that you have held back and this Full Moon can be the catalyst that releases those emotions. Don’t judge yourself for how you feel. It is all part of the healing process.





LEO AUGUSTYou might see the world in a whole new light. This Full Moon might cause random and spontaneous opportunities to come your way, Leo.

And as appealing as it may sound to turn down those opportunities and stick with what feels familiar, this Full Moon wants you to consider doing the opposite.

It is through discomfort that beautiful things tend to happen. Enjoy the magic of the unknown. Why not say “yes”?





SCORPIO AUGUSTYou learn to create better habits and diets. Every decision you make has the power to make a big impact on your reality, Scorpio.

If you don’t take care of your physical needs, this Full Moon can show it.

This Full Moon wants you to make healthier, more productive choices, like eating better, going for a walk every day, and getting your work done ahead of time rather than procrastinating. Do whatever makes your day-to-day life easier.





AQUARIUS AUGUSTYou might receive unexpected news. This Full Moon could lead you to some surprising conversations, Aquarius.

When you communicate with others, you may find yourself with unexpected news, and the way you deal with that news has the power to teach you so much.

Ultimately, this Full Moon wants to show you how to be a more focused speaker and a more attentive listener. Let it give you the wisdom you need to be a deeper communicator.




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