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This is the Color that Enhances the Energy of your Zodiac Sign and the (positive) Effects it has on You

Each zodiac sign has its own color that enhances the energy of the sign, the color that fits it perfectly because it highlights the characteristics of each sign. In the zodiac, every constellation has its own tonality, the right one that makes all the energies vibrate and brings good luck.


Here is the color that enhances the energy of your zodiac sign


Aries Color

Your color is … vermilion red. You are an energetic sign, warrior and your color is warm, flamboyant and a little metallic. The red vermilion is also called vermilion, it is a shade of bright red, alive, vibrant just like the ram.

When you’re in the mood to fight to reach your dreams, your goals or your rights this color gives you the right energy to get off the arena and … win!



Taurus Color

Your color is… cobalt blue. Not a simple blue, but cobalt a bright shade that tends to purple, introspective, deep like the Taurus who loves to go down into the depths of pleasures and enjoy them to the full.

But blue is also the color of the security and stability a quality that affect your sign: you are so in love and in work, solid and present and very much loved for this.



Gemini Color

Your color is… the mosaic. A mix of precious colors that create designs, images, geometries.

You are one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, in the sense that you have a quick and brilliant intelligence, geometric, active, practical but with great visions: just like a mosaic. To carry it on you simply choose the prints that remind you.



Cancer Color

Your color is … white. As white as your skin, white is the color that enhances the energy of Cancer, even better if pearly that recalls the surface of the Moon, a satellite to which the zodiacal sign is associated.

You can wear white as you want, with clothes, accessories, visible to all or just you. Eye: white is a color that absorbs everyone else, just as you absorb emotions, learn to use it only to shine.



Leo Color

Your color is… the orange cadmium . Bite life as a lion (and how else?) And your color is like the mantle of the Lion full of light, access, and a strength which is noted.

The sign of the Lion is also loyal and the colors reminiscent of gold symbolize solidity, preciousness. In short, the king of the zodiac could only have a court color.



Virgo Color

Your color is… nuanced. Yes, you who are the most precise sign of the zodiac could enhance your qualities using translucent shades and colors.

Perfect for you could be green with a bit of acid, lime, but iridescent that creates nuances to every movement: so the Virgo exalts her beauty and her character. Because, let’s face it, the (tough) character does not lack you.



Libra Color

Your color is… light blue and pink. Binomio for you that you are always in balance between two elements. And even with the colors, you are no exception: the masculine and the feminine (but then who said that these conventions can not be completely overturned?).

Harmonize the two parts that are in each of us. Balanced, but full of grace and beauty, the aesthetic sense of Libra wins above everything.



Scorpio Color

Your color is… bright red. That is the raw red of the powerful and mysterious blood just as you are Scorpio. This zodiac sign conquers for its deep passion, it overwhelms you like the bright red with the sight.

Do not remain indifferent when you know a Scorpioncina or when you look at the red color, in both cases you enter it. Then you can stay or escape and if you stay, the Scorpio takes you into his world full of mysteries.



Sagittarius Color

Your color is … yellow . Pure energy, yellow is sunny, good weather, adventure. Your color is a citrus-like pinch like bergamot or cedar.

You are free and elusive, this sign of the zodiac enhances these qualities when it has something yellow or more yellow in it, in all the energetic, bright and healthy tones.



Capricorn Color

Your color is… black. Capricorn is a zodiacal sign that is tough, strong, pure as black. You are the opposite of Cancer in the zodiac but also in color.

Black exalts you, expresses all your beauty, your ambition, black is repelling because you reject what you do not like, but you’re all or nothing, that is, no half measures, no shaded colors: Capricorn goes, decided, where he intends to go.



Aquarius Color

Your color is… the milky blue . Your colors are soft, they recall the shades of fresh, almost ethereal, subtle water.

You too, like the Gemini, are endowed with a lively intelligence, flow, live, feel, you are one of the most visionary signs of the zodiac and you need a color that is like a mirror, like water, in which you immerse the look and contemplate all the visions.



Pisces Color

Your color is… the coral. In the depths of the sea you have a vastness of colors, but without a doubt, the one that most recalls the preciousness of the marine habitat is the coral.

A sexy color, lively, cheerful as you are Pisces. The zodiac sign of dreams and images is associated with the color that fills the seas of beauty.


The colors are taken from the book Mirror Of Astrology by Max Jacob Claude Valence (Adelphi).

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