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This Week will Be the Best, for These 3 Zodiac Signs

The Sun is in Pisces creative, compassionate and moving, encouraging you to dig deep into yourself. This season is devoted to spiritual exploration, the spread of empathy towards others and change through creative outlets.

Even though the Pisces season can certainly raise the emotional temperature, there is no shame in embracing your true feelings. When you suppress them, not only does it hurt you, but you also hurt others.

If your sign or your ascendant is one of the zodiac signs that will have the best week of February 24, 2020, it means that the Pisces season will bring out the best in you.

However, the Pisces season is not without flaws, especially with retrograde Mercury which adds some confusion. By February 25, the disorienting effects of retrograde Mercury could become even more powerful, due to the conjunction of the Sun with this complicated transit.

Fortunately, there is a cure for madness, and as long as you leave extra time for complications and stay flexible when dealing with disadvantages, it won’t be all that bad.

In addition, retrograde Mercury will form a sextile with the passionate Mars on February 26 and with the innovative Uranus on February 28. Instead of complaining about what you don’t have, be creative when you use what you do. You may discover something magical along the way.

Everyone will be both challenged and rewarded with this week’s transits. However, those who are born with the sign or ascendant in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will appreciate it even more.



Cancer: You end up getting things or visiting unexpected places

This week, the cosmos wants you to practice saying “yes”, even when fear tells you to say “no”.

If you’re invited somewhere you’ve never been, what will you lose if you go? If you are asked to contribute to a project outside of your routine, what is the worst thing that can happen? Get out of your head and out of your comfort zone. There is so much to discover about the world around you.

If you feel like you’re stagnating, it’s time to shake things up and let everything go naturally. Because there is no way to control what comes next.




Scorpio: You feel inspired with new ways to be creative

If you’ve neglected your creative talents, you’ve probably blamed yourself for it.

However, instead of blaming yourself for your procrastination and lack of commitment, why not reward yourself for going through these difficult times?

Your creativity works best when you give it life. Blow gently on the smoldering embers of your creativity and feed the fire so that it returns. The truth is, creativity will not always be good. Sometimes it will be downright and you won’t be inspired. But always try to reward yourself no matter what.




Pisces: You harness dormant talents within you

There are parts of yourself that you are still discovering.

However, to understand them, you must first abandon this preconceived notion that you have of who you are.

In truth, you may not see yourself as clearly as you think. Your prospect could taint your talents with fear and doubt about yourself.

Your rigidity can prevent you from embracing the idea that you are someone else. So try to see yourself with a new vision. If you allow yourself to experiment and explore, you will surprise yourself.



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