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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected by the Halloween Blue Moon

The Full Blue Moon scheduled to honor us on Halloween (October 31st) is quite rare, to say the least. Even though it is the second Full Moon of October, it is filled with exciting energies.

In addition to everything else, Mercury is also in retrograde. The Halloween Blue Moon occurs in Taurus so our love life and our finances will see changes. Additionally, active Uranus will further complicate matters. Here are the four zodiacs that must remain vigilant during this Full Moon:



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TaurusYour zodiac will strongly influence the incoming Full Moon. And as a result, you will feel the intensity of it. Try to stay calm and positive as your mind and body deal with all the energy.

In the end, you will come out of it healed and rejuvenated.

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LeoSince Mercury is retrograde, your work life will take a hit. You will witness incredible opportunities, which can become stressful.

The best thing to do right now is to accept all the changes. Wait a little longer, good things are coming!





ScorpioThe Halloween Blue Moon will encourage you to analyze your relationships. It can be with one of your family members or with your romantic partner.

You will be given crystal clear vision to understand the deep issues that you and your partner have been struggling with. Take the opportunity to better connect and understand your loved ones.





AquariusAquarius, you have no problem interacting with new things. Under this Halloween Blue Moon, you need to take that trait a step further. Open your personal boundaries and make room for new people.

Under this lunar event, you will evolve. It can be scary but remember it will make you better. Just let go of your fears and trust the Halloween Blue Moon. Full Moons release intense energies. This 31st harness the lunar energies and experience spectacular growth.

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