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Understanding a Waxing Crescent! How It Can Affect You.

What is a Waxing Crescent?

In astronomy, a waxing crescent is the next phase after the new moon. and can be identified in the shape of the letter “D” in the sky. Where it is partially, but less than half, illuminated by direct sunlight.


This is a time of renewal, so use it to lay the foundations for change. Anything you do to toughen and support yourself will be significantly more effective as the moon grows.

Initial plans that started small, are starting to happen now. Then, begin gathering the resources and information you need to achieve your goals.


A growing moon is favoured for the start of a new, long-lasting love interest. It’s the perfect time to go on a first date with all the positive energy around, encouraging people to relax and be in a great mood. The growing moon can also make people much more receptive. Hence, your date is more likely to be focused and attentive. The crescent moon can also to protect and heal a current relationship.


During a growing moon, the body tends to absorb both good and bad energy more efficiently. So, keep this in mind as you incorporate lunar energy into your meditation. This is an excellent time to eliminate all influences and energies that turn out to be unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory in your life. Breathe in the power of the Crescent Moon as you reflect on what you would like to receive.


The Crescent Moon is the perfect time to start making big decisions about your career. If you are looking for a change of vocation, this is considered the ideal time to organise an interview. Your prospects can be enhanced during the waxing phase of the moon. Creative inspirations are also believed to be higher at this time.





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