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What 2022 Has in Store for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The astrology of 2020 and 2021 blended together in a vortex of turmoil, tension, and change. But in 2022, the planets appear to have more refreshing, upbeat vibes in store. The coming year is full of exciting planetary transits and rare cosmic connections that will bring new opportunities and powerful periods of growth for all zodiac signs, and knowing your 2022 horoscope can help you maximize them.

We begin 2022 with some major cosmic energy shifts that will shape the direction of the year ahead. Just days before the end of 2021, the abundant planet Jupiter enters dreamy Pisces, where it will sail for most of the coming year.

This entry brings a sense of idealism and luck to all zodiac signs, along with a period of immense growth in spirituality, creativity, and even romance. It also marks Jupiter’s departure from Saturn, with which it has been traveling since 2020, which will allow all of us to feel a little more free and flexible.

Another big change occurs in January 2022, when the North Node enters down-to-earth Taurus for the next year and a half. The North Node represents destiny and our collective direction in life, so this fateful change inspires us to lean into our senses in order to find pleasure and to come into contact with our values.

It also ushers in a new series of eclipses, which will teach us a lot about power, safety, and comfort throughout the year. We can also expect a relatively full year of retrogrades, which means slowing down and taking the time to review our lives is a must.

We will have four retrograde periods of Mercury during 2022 instead of the usual three. And while Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all retrograde each year, the romantic planet Venus and the action planet Mars, which retrograde less frequently, will also be backspinning during 2022.

It also puts our love and sex lives for review as well, so expect to level up your standards. Now that you know the general vibrations for the coming year, take a look at the 2022 horoscope for your zodiac sign.




Aries purpleIt’s an important year for improving your spiritual game, doing some internal healing, and prioritizing self-care, Aries.

You might find that trying alternative forms of therapy or experimenting with mystical arts could lead to major spiritual breakthroughs and deepen your connection with others.

You’re brewing up all kinds of new ideas, all of which will start to surface soon, but don’t rush through these introspective planning stages! Retreating into a cocoon is the only way a caterpillar can transform into a butterfly, so let 2022 feed your soul.





Taurus purpleTaurus, this year will bring wonderful new connections into your life and give you access to exciting new friendships that will support your growth.

And having a team of like-minded people around you is important because with the North Node entering your sign, you will lean into your confidence and learn to trust yourself in whole new ways.

There are a lot of lessons and changes waiting for you in both the careers and relationships department, so don’t be afraid to lean on your best friends to stay stable. Planets may test your patience reserve in 2022, but they will also bring blessings that remind you that you are never alone.





Gemini purpleGemini, you become more serious about pursuing higher interests and broadening your perspective on life, and this year you have a good chance to apply those expanded perspectives to your career path.

It’s a powerful time to be successful at work and improve your public image, so don’t be afraid to pursue your professional goals. Embracing your sense of authority, networking with your peers, and taking calculated risks can pay off.

Just give yourself a break during the last two months of the year when Mars retrogrades through your sign. Take advantage of this period to rest, recharge your batteries and reflect on the actions you have taken until 2022.





Cancer PurpleAfter a busy year, 2022 blesses you with lighthearted energy that will lift you out of your shell and help you embrace your adventurous side.

It’s time to focus on the outdoors by expanding your belief system and chasing your dreams, especially if that means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Learning, traveling, and exploring are huge themes for you in 2022, so now is a fabulous time to consider taking a big trip or pursuing higher education. These new experiences will also feed you with all kinds of creative inspiration, so look for new opportunities to collaborate or express your ideas.





Leo PurpleYou are entering a long period of internal growth, Leo, so expect to transform yourself in every way. You’ve learned a lot about relationships and what you want to commit to, but this year will bring a lot of home and career changes as well.

While there can be a lot of shifts to navigate, it just means that there is a lot of room to start manifesting the life you really want.

Your spiritual power is at an all-time high, so lean to your mystical side and tap into your deepest desires. You can do anything.





Virgo PurpleYour relationships are blessed with great luck and opportunity for growth this year, Virgo, so if you’ve been looking for love, lean into that magic.

Current partnerships could deepen considerably throughout 2022, and if you’re single, a new, reliable partner could come into your life as well.

It’s a great time to make a commitment to the things and people that support your growth. You’ll also be challenged to communicate more effectively this year, so embrace your mutable nature and find new ways to express your ideas.





Libra PurpleIt’s time to get focused, Libra. Are they a crush or are they marriage material? Is it a fleeting interest or a lifelong passion? You learn to be more thoughtful about your time and decisive about what brings you long-term joy.

You are in store for a very productive year, so use this surge of pragmatic energy to organize yourself and achieve your goals.

As you understand more about what you want, your resources may change as well, so be on the lookout for unexpected increases or investment opportunities that can help you improve financially.





Scorpio PurpleAll in all, this year marks a serious time of release for you, Scorpio. The South Node enters your sign, removing anything that no longer serves your true purpose and making room for more stable relationships and commitments to enter your life.

Instead of following the old patterns in 2022, it’s important to lead with your heart. By embracing the things that excite you in life, you will find your way to the opportunities that are right for you.

You may also find that this is a lucky time when it comes to romance, so no matter how many changes take place in your love life, trust that passion or pleasure will not be lacking.





Sagittarius purpleYou’re growing a lot right now, Sagittarius. You learn serious lessons around communication and find a new rhythm in your daily life, which will ultimately make you feel a lot more stable.

Speaking of stability, finding your “dream home” and spending time with your family might also be higher on your priority list this year.

A jet setter like you might not always see the value of investing in your home life, but having a home base that feels secure, whether emotional or physical, is key to being able to embrace your free-spirited nature. This year is the time to fill your own cup.





Capricorn PurpleYou start the year with Venus retrograde in your sign, eliminating some of the more difficult lessons about love right from the start.

And with Venus’ post-backspin glow-up on your side, you’ll find that you’re able to communicate your ideas to the world in important new ways this year.

Self-expression is very important, so maybe it’s time to start a podcast, blog, or social media page where you can interact with people in a more meaningful way and give your ideas a home outside of your head.

There are many changes and opportunities in the area of friendships and dating as well, so embrace your hopes, wishes, and passions.





Aquarius PurpleLast year we entered what some astrologers call the Age of Aquarius, which has been a time of immense personal growth in your life. In 2022, you have the opportunity to apply what you learn.

Career-related changes are on the horizon and you might find a new direction in your career aspirations which could affect your privacy or even give you the chance to move to a new location.

Overall, these improvements are synonymous with luck when it comes to money. With fateful changes at work and numerous growth opportunities hitting your financial sector, your ability to manifest abundance is higher than ever!





Pisces purple2022 is a year of bountiful blessings for you Pisces! Your traditional ruling planet, Jupiter, honors your sign with its presence for most of 2022, increasing your power of manifestation to transcendental degrees.

It’s a wonderful time to embrace all that makes you: your creativity, your empathy, your daydreams, and your idealism. People will find it easier to see your true colors and resonate with the vibrations of your soul.

You can accomplish whatever you can think of now, just make sure that your efforts also align with your spirituality, because honoring your inner truth is important.



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