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Why Your Self-esteem is Low, According to Your Zodiac Sign

There may be many reasons why your self-esteem is low, but your zodiac sign can reveal the core of the problem and help you cope with it.

Here is why your self-esteem is low according to your zodiac sign:



AriesWhen you look pretty in a photo, you still don’t feel good, because there are other girls on Instagram with more likes.

And when you do well at work, you cannot enjoy success because you think of your friends who earn more money than you do. You are never happy because you make too many comparisons.





TaurusYou are afraid of change, even if this change will make you feel better about yourself. A new haircut. A tattoo. A piercing.

You feel bad because you are bored with what you see in the mirror. You have to change things.





GeminiYou do not know if you are taking the right path. If you have chosen the right career. If you are doing what makes the most sense to create a stable and happy future.

You are used to doubting your choices, which is why your self-esteem has been so low lately.





CancerYou place too much importance on relationships. Whenever you’re single or fighting with your partner, you feel like life is over. As if the whole world is against you.

You always forget that there is more in life than love.




LeoYou give too much importance to material things. You want to have a large number on your paychecks, an expensive car, and a spacious home.

But it is difficult to achieve those at such a young age. You put too much pressure on yourself. You are doing well.





VirgoYou over-analyze the situations. Whenever you have a conversation with someone outside your group of friends, you wonder if they hate you.

As if there was a secret message hidden under the words that came out of their mouths. You read too much into what they say and do and you end up imagining a drama that doesn’t exist.





LibraYou dwell on the problems too long. It’s almost like you would rather prefer being miserable or playing the victim. But you cannot drown in self-pity.

You must leave your past behind and move on because reopening old wounds will only make you bleed more.





ScorpioYou surround yourself with toxic people. Your self-esteem is so low because they don’t treat you the way you deserve. They make you think you’re less amazing than you really are.

They make you see yourself in an unhealthy way.




SagittariusThe only person you want attention from didn’t give it to you, which is why you feel so bad about yourself. But you must stop valuing their opinion above all the others.

Know that there are dozens of other people who care about you. It does not matter that this person cannot see your value, because everyone else can.





CapricornYou have low self-esteem because you were the smartest kid in elementary school. You have done well in all of your classes and you have been constantly told how smart you are.

Now that you are older, you feel like you have not met those expectations. As if you weren’t as smart as everyone thought. Your standards are too high. Take a break.





AquariusYou tend to be dramatic. When you accidentally embarrass yourself in front of others, you feel like it’s the end of the world.

As if you would never recover from the incident. But you can’t let tiny mistakes make you hate yourself. You must love yourself, even when you are wrong.





PiscesYou base your self-esteem on the number of friends you have. But now that you’re older, you don’t see your friends as often. You have even lost contact with some of them.

But that doesn’t mean they hate you, you shouldn’t hate yourself either. It just means that they are busy living their own lives.



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