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Your Biggest Need in a Relationship, According to Your Zodiac Sign

For the survival of a relationship, each sign needs a certain quality gift for fuel and love. Taureans seek refinement, while Libra needs a peaceful and understanding partner.

Read on to find out what is your greatest need in a relationship.




You need your lover to be upfront with you, and you don’t like to be on hold. Impatience or lack of spontaneity can be a killer.

Worst of all, however, is feeling that your lover is hiding something from you. Be upfront.





Softness is essential for the lover of Taurus. No rough edges, rude speech, tasteless appearance, or rough handling.

Refinement reigns in your heart, and if a lover cannot be civilized, it is impossible to forget or forgive him.





Communication is the main thing with a Gemini’s lover. You should receive a phone call, email, or text message every day.

Being disconnected is the kiss of death. Communicate also with touch, smell and taste. There is are never too many sweet words for you.





You not only want to be protected, but you also need to feel that you are protecting your partner. It creates security where that perfect love can grow.

The loyalty, the protection, and the feeling of total security in the arms of your lover are the best feeling at “home”.

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You have to feel free and unrestrained, sincere, and above all playful. Think of lion cubs that roll together, and don’t forget to frolic!

Childish stupidity is a great thing. Passion is also high, but it may be just behind the playfulness.





Real kindness must be there for you. And your lover must be kind and competent.

Seeing your loved one being kind to weaker, younger, or disadvantaged people or animals warms the heart of a Virgo.





Peace and harmony may be rare in this world, but you desperately need harmony in your private life.

Your partner should try to be accommodating and make as few waves as possible. As a Libra, you cherish all attempts and forgive all shortcomings.





Without honesty and integrity, you will feel hollow, empty, and betrayed.

Great sex is also appreciated, as well as being able to keep secrets and not tell everyone everything, but these can be ranked lower. It is an intimate and honest relationship.

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You must be openly generous. Being free to give and receive on a large scale is crucial to the heart of a Sagittarius.

There is also a public aspect to this, and your lover should be comfortable with you in the spotlight. And yes, great sex counts as giving and receiving.





Respect, a good work ethic, and no laziness keep your life going and your heart beating. Love and emotional commitment take work.

You should never be taken for granted. Too much praise would be offensive, however.





Excitement and the experiment can be great with you, but a fundamental sense of fairness and openness is greater.

A petty partner has no chance here. Your lover doesn’t have to agree with all of your opinions, but it helps.





You are the king or queen of the Zodiac, in the best sense of the word. Constantly hurt feelings will not work.

You need someone who is open and sensitive and can express it. You also need someone who likes to comfort you if you cry because you will.



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