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Your Spiritual Message for March 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The entry of Mars and Venus into the sign of Aries on February 20 seems to finally move the sky this month. The energies of fire will help many of us to get out of a decision impasse and to become more enterprising, active and dynamic.

It can certainly be a good time to face the crises or problems that arise, but we must not forget that hasty decisions could be made in the wake of a certain impatience.

New activities and new stimulating initiatives could generate small crises, especially for the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) which risk feeling blocked by certain indecision on what to do. Intolerance to some unsatisfactory aspects of life, and to boredom, can also lead to the urgency of satisfying stimuli and needs.

In love, the signs of air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can be invested by passion and sensuality decidedly warmer and more overwhelming.

The most critical days seem to be those of 11 and 12 March when Mars will stimulate the square, Uranus Pluto. These will be days when it will be important to keep anger, impulsive decisions at bay, and try not to get overwhelmed by situations that cannot be managed.

Read the message for your zodiac sign below to get a better idea of what to expect for this month.


Aries Spiritual Message for March 2020:

With Venus and Mars in your sign, the solar month opens under the sign of the force of fire, your element. This is the month of action, of life, of quick decisions, of overcome uncertainties, in which you will find the strength to put your powerful energies on the field to give life to your projects, your ideas, your dreams in the drawer.

You will not simply need to affirm what you are, but you will feel more than ever the urge to identify yourself with what you do, with what can be called the “Fire of the spirit”. In recent years you have achieved important awareness and they will be the ones to guide you in your business and affective decisions.

The relationships that bring with it challenges, but also great opportunities, will be at the forefront. You will be able to live satisfying and exciting moments, which will keep your heart and mind always on, ready to grasp intuitions, sensations, new directions.

Giving life to something new means first of all tapping into your own resources, daring, letting go of the old, being authentic, with yourself and with others, and this month you will be noticed for your authenticity, for better or for worse.

The well-being of body and mind will be in your ability to put into action what you carry in your heart.



Taurus Spiritual Message for March 2020:

Mercury in Aquarius asks you to open your mind to diversity, to overcome some deep-rooted beliefs, to go against the current. Do you think you can do it? Willingly or unwillingly, others will try to challenge you, but this will help you give greater value to what you believe in or rework some of your ways of thinking.

This month everything will be faster, dynamic, immediate, there will be no room for slow and quiet times, the ones you like so much and that make you feel safe. To abandon some of your defenses means to live in the here and now, setting aside thoughts about the future and the past. Living moment by moment will help you to reach a greater awareness and to rediscover what gives you pleasure and joy in the immediate future.

The real starting point is this: take back the pleasure, day after day. The trigon of fire that will form in the March sky asks you to give life to your inspirations, talents, ideals that only you can give shape to with your concreteness and solidity. The energy of disruptive and predominant fire will open the doors of the soul’s desires and will free the way from unnecessary burdens that hinder the simplicity of life.

Remember that life can be easy or difficult: the complications we experience are in the majority of cases the result of our mind and our approach to things. This month you will reach the well-being of body and spirit only if you will be able to welcome the opportunity to make your life extremely rewarding in its simplicity.




Gemini Spiritual Message for March 2020:

The great fire trine of the month of March will put you in touch with a particularly liberating and creative energy. A month of sudden and unexpected changes awaits you, which could start from within and have an impact on the environment or vice versa start from the environment and have a positive impact on you.

This will help you acquire greater confidence and enthusiasm in your abilities and make you regain the taste of adventure, risk, curiosity for everything around you. The previous month was marked by doubts and uncertainties, and perhaps by a bit of discouragement regarding some choices, or projects being defined.

Now you can count on splendid inspirations, which will give new impetus to your projects, and an extraordinary willpower that will help you make the necessary changes or experiment with new things. In addition, you will be supported by friends, sponsors, but also by people you know recently who will believe in you and will have every intention of supporting you.

The well-being of the body and mind can take place by focusing on the results you want to achieve in your life and abandoning, if necessary, the old road if you realize that it does not lead to anything good. Remember that Saturn pushes you to abandon the old models that do not work to create greater harmony in your life, first of all within yourself and then with others.



Cancer Spiritual Message for March 2020:

Those days that await you are busy and require special attention to everything that seemed to be solved and that instead could re-emerge forcefully without any warning. We cannot have control over everything that happens in our lives but what makes the difference is the way we manage events, with which we face the difficulties and challenges to which fate submits us.

Free will is nothing other than the ability to choose what type of action (among many possible) you will decide to do with respect to what is happening around you and what you are or want to be. The challenge of the next few weeks is to understand mainly who you want to be and what you want for your life.

You will not always feel in tune with the times of others, even in love you will have the feeling that your partner cannot satisfy your emotional safety and tune in to your need for foreplay, kisses, caresses. Everything around you will seem to lack those nuances that you need to give your best.

Try not to live everything on a personal level, and not to close yourself in a hedgehog in the face of real or presumed shortcomings. It focuses on an open and sincere dialogue that can bring light to the shadows of those thoughts and sensations that are sometimes the result of our internal perception only and not of the other.



Leo Spiritual Message for March 2020:

During this period you will have the opportunity to fully express your solar nature, your noble, limpid, powerful self. Your energy will expand without fear, without uncertainties, with that pride and generosity that make you a charismatic leader, a spotless knight, the undisputed hero of primordial fables and myths.

Splendid opportunities will reconfirm you as the master of your kingdom, an expanding kingdom to be governed with strength and wisdom. During the first week of March, love will travel on high speed: that of passion that can explode without warning, excessive and extraordinary, so much so that the other person is not necessarily able to contain it and enjoy it.

The best way to experience the joys of the heart is to express your generosity, your selflessness, and your warmth without asking for anything in return. After all, in love and in this way you receive by giving.

It is the perfect time to work on your internal safety, those that can help you abandon a false self that seeks light from the outside and which risks becoming pompous and unbearable. Live in your light and burst into the world without thinking about refusals, judgments, defeats, this is your moment: make good use of it.



Virgo Spiritual Message for March 2020:

The purpose of your sign is to integrate body, mind, and soul. Every time a fracture is created with each of these parts you immediately begin to somatize, to live with concern the suffering of the body that orders you to look inside yourself and to legitimize your emotions, even the unpleasant ones, not comfortable with your sign that loves to take refuge in a tranquility made of habits, rituals, things, and known people.

You don’t like big jolts and sometimes prefer to adapt, be satisfied rather than dare, you need your safety consolidated over time, although no longer authentic, but functional to your need for security. The energies you will have to deal with in this period may be too countercurrent for your tastes, but they will aim to shake you from a slight numbness, a sort of lethargic resignation that could make you think that everything is so and so it will be.

The news that will come to you from heaven is that nothing is forever and that (willy-nilly) it is a reality that you will have to make yours, and feel deeply in the body, in the mind, in the soul.

On what level will you get to know this news first, only you will know, and this will happen through a decision, an epiphany, a truth revealed that will make you understand that no, everything that is now is completely different from what it was. The status quo is no longer ecologically sustainable.



Libra Spiritual Message for March 2020:

You need to harmonize the ideal with the real, the male with the female. Balance for you means realizing your ideas and applying them to reality. This month it may be difficult for you to achieve and find the balance you need.

The opposition from Mars can make you more intolerant and reactive than usual, especially if you have kept unpleasant emotions under lock and key for a long time, with which you have preferred not to confront yourself.

The mind will be your precious ally and will help you clear up doubts, and above all to look at the things that happen to you with extreme lucidity and clarity of thought. Avoid excessive rationalizations and listen to mind and heart together, do not separate them: remember that thoughts are the result of our emotions.

In all likelihood this month you will be faced with a choice between two important things. Remember that the only real possibility we have to be able to live a real-life, in line with our values, principles, and desires, is to make a choice.

Perhaps you will be afraid that the choice may preclude an opportunity, in reality, choosing is the only way not to let yourself be dominated by events and be protagonists of your own existence. Choose without fear, trusting your intuition.



Scorpio Spiritual Message for March 2020:

It is likely that in this period you realize that reality, as it is, is not enough for you. It would be something flat, already seen and known. You need to go beyond appearances, to immerse yourself in the depths of the human soul, to live strong passions, which can only be unleashed by the embrace of soul, body, and mind.

It is no coincidence that your sign is said to be strongly erotic. Eroticism is something more refined and subtle than simple sexual fulfillment, it is an all-encompassing experience that involves all the senses and is linked to the dimension of seduction, mystery, fantasy, and imagination.

Neptune in Pisces states that you need to return to dream, fantasize, to feed on flavors, aromas, smells, colors, images, cold and heat. You need intensity, to know that you can fall in love and get excited again, perhaps through contrasts, jealousies, passionate excesses, the challenge of conventions. Actually, you just need to live!

The great fire trine of the month of March brings with it the opportunity for a renewal, a discovery, a surprising opportunity! Remember that the fire cannot be lit by itself, it needs something to light. You choose with what you want to rekindle your inner fire today.

Live moment by moment as if everything were a discovery, and perhaps you can also discover, with great surprise, that not everything is always a game of polarity (black and white) but of incredible integrations…



Sagittarius Spiritual Message for March 2020:

Wonderful month to give free rein to your adventurous nature and your great vital charge, which thanks to Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Leo will be really high! Expansion will be your keyword. You are a sign linked to travel and discovery, you cannot remain within the confines of what you already know, you would feel limited. 

Only by finding your philosophy of life, your vocation, will you be able to transform your anxiety into research, precise direction. What is your vocation? What do you want to expand into? What are the sectors you want to improve, enhance, implement? 

If you already have the answer and are following the guiding principle of a project, all you have to do is ask and it will be given to youyou have everything you need to prove your worth. If you still don’t know, this month you will find the answers you are looking for, they could come to you through a chance encounter, the sentence of a book, a coincidence, the message of a story that seems to fit perfectly with that of your life.

Even in love, everything will move at the speed of light: Uranus signals an increase in novelties that will involve spirit, body, attitude, knowledge, but without heart and feelings being displaced. As for health, it would be useless to recommend sports or diets, in this period the best thing for the body and mind is to do everything you feel freely!



Capricorn Spiritual Message for March 2020:

Month of ups and downs, perhaps more of lows than highs, but which you will be able to face with the strength and determination that distinguish you. The squaring of Mars threatens contrasts, but if seen in a constructive perspective they can be useful to get rid of that pebble in the shoe that has been bothering you for too long, or to put aside some of your sense of duty in favor of greater inner freedom. 

Nothing happens by chance and the emotions that will emerge to your consciousness will aim to signal you something, perhaps even uncomfortable but with which you will have to get in touch. An accumulation of commitments and too much meat on the fire will force some slowdown. 

Often in your life, the recognition came to you for what you knew (or had to do) and not for what you were. Ever since Pluto entered your sign, you have decided to focus on being, and to nourish even the most fragile part that you have not listened to for fear of confronting your fears. 

You may realize that a dream is unachievable, but however much it may mean having to let go of someone or something, in the medium to long term you will find that it is good for your life. In a relationship environment, you may have a too cold and hasty attitude, rigorous self-control if you care about your love!



Aquarius Spiritual Message for March 2020:

You are restless by nature, but restlessness is a quality that moves the world. The restlessness that moves you always leads you to look for new destinations, to discover new lands, to embrace new philosophies. 

That’s why freedom is important to you. Because only inner freedom can bring revolutions, renewals, openness to the other, the sense of authenticity that allows you to live moment by moment without distortions and strains, in line with your own feeling and your own internal time. 

“Walking, you learn about life, get to know people, heal the wounds of the day before,” says a song. Your desire to walk and move around the world will be strong this month: the energy of fire will give you a lot of energy, desire to do and to undo, but also to favor your instinctive part, often kept in check by reason. 

A quick and very loose Mars in the execution of each task will help you achieve excellent results in every field. You will be active, confident in your choices and initiatives, positive and proactive in dealing with others. Your physical condition will be truly spectacular, you will have full possession of your body, which will be ready, quick and vigorous. 

It will be a month of great opportunities, but to grasp its meaning you will also have to try something new, to look at things with new eyes. This will allow you to experience the reality that surrounds you in a different way, you can travel without having to move: the real journey is the discovery of yourself.



Pisces Spiritual Message for March 2020:

Limits are points to be recognized and from which one can start to find freedom in new directions. Saturn in Sagittarius is making you compare with your limits, the inner ones and the reality in which you live. It forces you to look at everything around you with a more critical eye, and through some slowing down and frustration invites you to adjust your shot. 

You will have to work hard to get what you want, but above all you will have to start making a set of your priorities, to put effort into a sector of your life that you have neglected and that now requires attention. The job field will most likely require commitment and energy, but if you know how to be tenacious and disciplined you can achieve a lot and experience a new sense of inner freedom that also derives from building your own secure base. 

The energies of this period push you to draw on your creativity to your inner strength and sensitivity. In some moments you may doubt yourself, but precisely through doubt, you will be able to open your mind to new ways of seeing life and facing things. 

Perhaps you will have to abandon those victim modes that you often use to evade problems or seek attention. Now, in the here and now, you will have to open up to a new vision of things, which between lights and shadows could take you far.




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