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10 Subtle Signs Someone Is Not Really Your Soulmate

If you’re like most people, you’ve been waiting for the right one to come and redefine what love really is. However, only a handful of people met the right one the first time and ended up living happily ever after.

In our modern times, finding the right one is indeed a challenge. Settling for someone who only thinks they could be the ONE can do more harm than good.

On the other hand, preventing yourself from dating anyone for fear of not being that one is also unhealthy. You have to be open to dating to find your partner.

But, how can you really know if he or she is really the one your soul is looking for? One extremely useful way is to find out who’s not really yours. 10 subtle signs that someone isn’t really your soulmate:



1. You frown more than a smile in their presence:

The fastest way to find out if this is the case is to keep track of how your day with them went. If they made you smile, checkmark the date of your calendar. If they’ve made you frown, put an “x” mark on it.

After a month, see how it works. If there are more checkmarks, it means they could be the right one. But if the “x” marks outnumber the checkmarks, it is a sign that you can’t expect to spend happy days with them. Take action immediately before anything gets in your way. A true soulmate makes you smile when you are with them just by their presence.



2. You feel insecure around them:

We can all feel insecure at some point in our lives. But if someone makes you feel insecure just with their presence, there may be a reason for it. They might not be fully involved in the relationship.

A true soulmate inspires you to see yourself in your best light.



3. They rush the relationship:

Good relationships start at a slow, steady pace. You don’t have to rush things because it takes time to really get to know a person. If someone rushes the relationship, they might only be after the “honeymoon stage”.

Any relationship that is built too quickly tends to fall apart too quickly. A relationship with a true soulmate will develop a harmonious tempo for both of you.

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4. They want you under their control:

When someone seems possessive, it’s not a good sign. It only means that they want you to have them as the first priority in your life. They don’t honor your time and energy.

This is wrong. A true soulmate gives their partner the space to move and the freedom to be themselves without becoming the possessive partner. They believe in your choices.



5. You are worshipped by them:

These 10 Signs Mean HeShe Isn't Your Soulmate 2Everyone loves that someone gives them whatever they want and adores them endlessly. But it is a selfish desire. Being put on a pedestal to be worshiped is not how soulmates grow and evolve together. Their relationship is beyond the ego.

Your partner needs to know how to help you grow and become independent. Otherwise, you will lose your respect for them and maybe even for yourself. A true soulmate doesn’t put you on a pedestal, they see you as the imperfect human being that you are, but they see the perfection in that. They will inspire you to see it yourself.



6. They hide things from you:

Some people tend to avoid saying anything to their partner that they think can be upsetting. But if someone is your true soulmate, they won’t make any assumptions. They will tell you everything in a way that can still soothe your heart.

Because if they hide something from you once, they will probably do it over and over again. And it ruins the connection between you two. A true soulmate prefers to talk to you first, no matter if it’s something overwhelming because they value your connection the most.

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7. They’re not trustworthy:

If you think the person you’re dating can’t be trusted, ask yourself if you have jealousy issues. If you are clear to yourself that you are not overdoing things, then maybe your intuition is giving you clues about some shady things.

Try to talk to them. If they are avoiding a real conversation, cut the relationship because it is clear that they are not your soulmate. A true soulmate will be open with you and they will be honest no matter if they had a moment of weakness that they are now ashamed of.



8. They don’t see your true worth:

There are only two reasons why someone doesn’t see your real worth. Either they don’t like you because they don’t value themselves, or you don’t value yourself enough for them to see your worth. However, soulmates feel the real worth of each other.

If you cannot see your worth, seek that value in yourself first, as you cannot expect to establish a relationship with your soulmate if you are not yourself. A true soulmate will inspire you to see your own worth, but you are the one who needs to work on yourself, it is not their responsibility.



9. They unconsciously make you forget parts of yourself:

Your partner loves you for who you are before you deepen your relationship. But if you start to give up some of your self-care routines and habits in their favor, there’s a good chance you’ll turn out to be a different person than the one your partner has fallen in love with.

If you cut down on the time spent with them to have your own time, they might not be happy. But they are not the ones who choose your decisions. A true soulmate will give you the freedom to show yourself fully.



10. They don’t light up your fire:

There are people who just light the fire in you. If someone is only interesting but you don’t feel that extra factor, then they might not be the one. Meeting your soulmate doesn’t have to start with fireworks, but there is just something about them that you can’t ignore.

There is a reaction they make in you. A true soulmate cannot be ignored as they evoke a strange and powerful desire deep within you, like a magnetism telling you that you were meant to be together.

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