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12 Reasons why Old Souls Have so Much Trouble Finding Love

Here are 12 reasons why old souls have so much trouble finding love:



1. They show a sense of belonging.

They know who they are, which means that they also know, specifically, the qualities sought in a spouse, and know what works and what does not work.

Although this asset is wise in terms of being able to choose wisely, it ultimately darkens their prospects significantly.




2. Without intervention, their increased intuition can destroy their relationship.

Because they are often prone to thinking too much because of their high sensitivity, their tendency to worry and make assumptions can lead to a break in relationships that are not established on a perfectly sound basis.




3. Many are in the throes of a twin flame relationship.

They are attached to or are with people who are not “destined” to them, rather than being in deep relationships and quickly learning from them.

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4. They often have a higher purpose which they must first attain – and which could be diverted by love.

They usually have to accomplish this by their own means before finding love – since old souls love deeply, and frankly. Being loved too quickly prevents them from doing other important things.




5. They will be content with nothing less than the love of a soulmate.

They require much more than a “simple” relationship. They are not the type to be satisfied, and sometimes, they show endurance and remain alone for a little while.




6. Although they are passionate about a lot of people, few are compatible with them.

It’s because they feel very concerned and the others find them so fascinating, that it’s easy for them to find the craze and usually end up with someone who is really their best friend and their most intimate confidant.




7. They are less inclined to start and meet people through modern means of communication.

Even if they have nothing against dating on the internet, it does not seem natural to them, and even an arranged appointment or meeting by chance in a bar seems unattractive to them.

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8. They are natural healers, and they often attract people who need help, not love.

And this attractiveness is reciprocal. There is hardly anything as revitalizing for an old soul as being able to help someone who really needs it. However, at some point, it is crucial that they realize that they must choose a partner, not a student, or an object of charity.




9. They do not like the “game”.

Relationships can be inherently exhausting for a spiritually elderly person. Simulate disinterestedness for the sole purpose of appearing “cool” or knowing what false step other people find repulsive (how long after the first appointment you have to send a message?) Is not an instinctive reaction for them, and can also be a source of stress.




10. Their standards are very high.

They expect a lot from themselves, and also expect a lot from their partners. While this is a good thing, it’s another quality that needs to be monitored: it’s more important to be able to accept the qualities that are not unacceptable than it’s to ignore someone just because they are imperfect.




11. They carry luggage.

People who have developed their inner selves quite quickly did so for one reason: they had to face hardship, they had to grow up, or they had to learn from the experiences of life. While this is a good thing in itself, unresolved issues can often manifest themselves in close relationships.




12. They feel fear as intensely as they feel love.

The degree to which they like something is proportional to what they fear to lose, or not to be “good enough” for it. Not only do they love intensely, but they also feel intensely, and sometimes it really hinders the good things that come their way.

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