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How Mars in Aries 2020 Will Affect Your Love Life, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready to turn the pressure on in your life? Fiery and passionate Mars entered Aries on June 27 and this cosmic placement is here to fan all the flames. While Mars typically only spends around six weeks blazing through each zodiac sign, it is set for a long tour in stubborn and aggressive Aries this year (thanks to the upcoming retrograde period of Mars) that will take us through the rest of 2020.

It’s time to get ready for some intense feelings and steamy affairs, as Mars rules over sex and passion, so you can bet this transit will affect your love life in a big way. Mars is the cosmic initiator of the planets in astrology. It rules over our animal instincts of all kinds (including sex, of course) and it helps us take action to get what we want.

This planet is all action, not passivity. It has a hot temper and a strong will. And when it enters the cardinal fire sign, Aries, Mars is practically unstoppable, as Aries is considered its home sign. When Mars is in Aries, we can all expect to feel more daring and courageous as we move forward to new beginnings, take initiative in our lives, and let our passions lead the way.

This blazing planetary transit can make us bolder when it comes to taking over the love department and it can certainly heat things up in the bedroom, too. However, Mars in Aries can also make us feel much more impulsive, aggressive, and hotheaded, so we’ll have to be wary of fiery tempers and explosive emotions.

Ready to embrace the fiery power of feeling that is igniting the second half of 2020? Find out how Mars in Aries will affect your love life, based on your zodiac sign:




With your governing planet, Mars, illuminating your sign for the next six months, you can expect to feel the heat in your love life, Aries.

There will be a lot more energy on your affairs, and you will step up your game when it comes to sex and romance. However, your temper is probably hotter than ever before, so practice staying zen and feeling your emotional reactions.





Sometimes our dreams and fantasies can help shape our goals, and right now, Taurus, you should let your imagination run wild when it comes to considering what kind of romantic relationship you want.

It’s easy to get carried away by the intensity and passion of love, but the coming months is a time for you to step away from your daily patterns and search your soul for inspiration that can help you build a more solid foundation.





You’re so busy being a leader and taking charge of your social group and community that it might be difficult to balance energizing a more private romantic relationship.

You’ll probably want to date and explore different types of people right now rather than committing to just one but if you’re in a relationship you’ll be inclined to pour your shared love into a more collective cause by volunteering together or get involved in your community as a couple.





You are embarking on your career right now, Cancer, as you are ready to make changes in your trajectory and embark on a whole new path.

Whether you are single or taken, you are looking for someone who can support you in your new endeavors and who will make you feel special. Indulge in your need to be noticed and don’t settle for someone trying to dim your soul spark.

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Leo, you’re looking for big adventure right now, so expect to be drawn to eclectic people who will offer you new perspectives and exciting opportunities to try new things.

Allow yourself to be more experimental in love, this could mean trying new sex positions, getting more creative in the dating department, or changing the dynamics of a current relationship to better suit your needs.





Virgo, the next six months are an intense time for you, as you dive deep into the realm of sexuality and intimacy with your partners and with yourself and it will require you to practice setting healthy boundaries in order to explore your feelings without exploding emotionally.

If you can avoid getting caught in passion-fueled jealousy while waiting to calm down to discuss your feelings with your lover, you can use this time to increase your vulnerability and bring a new sense of strength to your intimate affairs.





You are generally a good talker and a peaceful mediator in your romantic relationships, but you might find that your ego and personal goals take a toll on love harmony over the next several months.

All relationships require compromise, that means you and your partner need to be ready to make things work. If there has been a power imbalance, you will need to spend some time correcting it before moving forward.





You will be a busy bee for the next few months, Scorpio, and you will only be ready to allow someone into your intimate life if they are willing to support you in your quest for well-being and balance.

Getting organized and taking charge of your schedule is becoming more and more important to you, so you don’t have time for those who don’t have their act together. Raise your standards and make it clear that you won’t waste energy on someone who doesn’t inspire you to be your best.

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You are feeling super daring and flirty when it comes to love right now, Sagittarius, and you are fully ready to take charge when it comes to increasing your pleasure and making your love life fun and exciting.

If you are single, expect to be the one to take the first step. If you’re already in a relationship, take the lead by planning more fun dates and prioritizing hotter bedroom sessions. You are the master of your own reality and you want the fun to be at the center of it.





You are so self-sufficient that it takes a lot to get involved and get domestic with a romantic partner. But right now you’re more than willing to take the first step and get a little more intense with someone you love.

While opening up to someone and showing them your roots takes a lot of vulnerability, you feel brave enough over the next few months to take the plunge and show your softer side.





You need someone who can walk the walk and talk the talk right away Aquarius because you crave intellectual stimulation in your love life and just aren’t happy with someone who can’t keep up with your radical ideas and a constant flow of opinions.

Spend more time chatting and getting to know romantic partners and crushes to make sure you’re compatible mentally and emotionally and don’t be afraid to cut someone off if they’re not able to keep things interesting.





As a gentle water sign, you’re usually on the more passive side when it comes to love but right now, you take charge of whatever you want.

Embrace your inner warrior, Pisces, as you may have to fight for the kind of love you know you deserve. The more work you put into maintaining relationships and improving your self-esteem, the more likely you are to get out of it.

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