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5 Types of Loves You May Encounter Before Meeting Your True Soulmate

We are all looking for someone to call ours; a soul mate with whom we can share everything. In fact, sometimes the idea of finding our other half is the only thing that keeps us going. But it is easier said than done.

Our soul mate is one of the most important things that will happen to us in our lifetime and anything important never comes easily.

Sometimes people give in and think they may never find their true soul mate. But that’s not how the story goes. You will meet many people, who would be almost perfect.

And even if things hadn’t worked with them, they were there for a reason. They entered your life and were your partners for a different but important reason each time.

There are many “near misses” you will encounter before finding your soul mate, and here is a list of the types of love you will experience before meeting them:



1. First love:

Everyone keeps saying how unforgettable the first love is. And it sounds like nothing else you would ever have felt. Remember your first roller coaster ride? When you had no idea how it should all go. And yet, you braved everything and every moment was pure happiness.

It’s the magic of first love when you have no idea how it all goes but you are ready to face anything, so drunk on your very first love that no challenge seems daunting.

Even the idea of being without them is enough to leave you sleepless. But don’t worry, over time you will learn that nothing is irreplaceable and that you must be ready for your true love when it comes to you.




2. The problematic love:

This love would be another good start, but over time, you would begin to face so many difficulties that you would begin to doubt the very idea of love. But that doesn’t mean you will give up.

This kind of love is very important! It teaches you the importance of putting yourself in front of everything and anything else. Even if love means sacrificing yourself for the happiness of others, you must learn to draw the line and this experience will teach you how.

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3. The safe love:

The familiar kind of love is when you find yourself with someone who always thinks of you. This love would be something that will give you comfort and security when you need it most.

But, as much you would like to love them in return; it will not come naturally to you. It will end but it will give you the stability you needed at this point in life.




4. The whirlwind love:

It would be the love you’ve always dreamed of, the love you’ve seen in movies and novels. Passion will never be the same again. You would have no idea when it started and where it is going.

But you will soon realize that too many good things are also bad. Like a match, it ignites quickly, burns hot and, sooner than expected, fades.

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5. Unconditional love:

And finally, when you think that there is no hope of love in this world, you find that one.

There will be no doubts or assumptions because one look in their eyes would be enough to bond you together forever. And then everything would make sense, each step necessary to get there would be justified.




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