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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Air Signs!

Our zodiac signs have a lot to say about who we are as fundamentally human beings. The 12 signs of the zodiac fall into four categories – air signs, fire signs, water signs, and earth signs.

The air signs of the zodiac consist of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius.

Discover 13 things that you probably didn’t know about air signs:



1. They are mysterious and dreamy:

People born under this class of zodiac signs are intellectuals but are also of a dreamy nature which creates a mysterious atmosphere around them.




2. They know how to balance things in life:

They like to make the most of both worlds and, therefore, always try to balance things in life.

They can’t handle one thing too much… Whether it’s their work or too many vacation days, aerial signs are always looking for that common ground.




3. They are social butterflies:

Aerial signs are excellent talkers and tend to get along with almost everyone.

They are easy to talk to, are great listeners, and can also conduct the most intellectually stimulating conversations.




4. They fancy planing:

They must have a plan, even if it is sometimes unattainable for anything in life.

But generally calm and composed air signs tend to get angry easily if things don’t go as planned.




5. They have a curious and inquisitive nature:

Aerial signs always ask “why?” They like to go deeper and get to the bottom of it.

Which, by the way, makes them very good inventors, so it’s a win-win situation!




6. They are equitable and unbiased:

When faced with a decision-making situation, the zodiac signs belonging to this category show immense analytical skills and a sense of fairness and justice when making decisions.

It bothers the air sign if they feel they have been unjust in any situation and it weighs on their lives until they fix it.




7. They prioritize intelligence over looks:

Most often, air signs turn out to be sapiosexual. This means that they feel drawn to the intelligence of the opposite sex instead of just looking for someone to fulfill their carnal pleasures.




8. They are visionaries:

Aerial signs are the creators of ideas. They are always creating and thinking about new things, some of which may even seem absurd at times, but their minds are forever bubbling with new possibilities.




9. They approve of new perspectives:

However, being visionary does not restrict aerial signs. Although they have a solid perspective and opinion on almost everything, they are always on the lookout for new ones and are very open to discussions about them.




10. They are idealistic:

These are the signs with the strongest idealistic streak of all the other signs of the zodiac. It somehow becomes a problem when they come face to face with the real world which is far from ideal.




11. They are easy to adapt to changes:

Being social butterflies helps them adapt easily to situations and people. They are comforting to be around and can create their own comfort zone wherever they go.




12. They take action:

Aerial signs never remain silent, they believe that it is necessary to act and are constantly working on it. It’s hard for air signs to be just a passerby, they’re always looking for ways to be part of the action!




13. They prioritize freedom over anything else:

Of course, the only thing an air sign always likes and wants is to be free. Aerial signs absolutely cannot face restrictions of any kind, they need their space whether in relationships, family life or even professional life.

You can’t expect an air sign to withstand all kinds of restrictions.



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