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25 Ways Your Inner Wisdom Sends You Messages

Your inner wisdom sends you guidance messages on how to navigate your journey through life. These messages are sent to you day and night.

Your inner wisdom is your own private radio station, lighthouse, cinema, and siren on the paths to take and the paths to avoid when you are going through all the ebb and flow of your life.

These messages are not accompanied by a flashing neon which tells you what they are. They can sometimes be sent in the most subtle and stealthy way. Other times they come to yell at you. There is not only a single way for these messages to arrive nor there is only one way to access them and know that these are real guidance messages.

Because of the incredible variety of ways they can be sent and the many ways in which we can learn about them, there are simply no rules or simple steps that we can always use to find them and their trust. Some speak of finding places of peace and relaxation to access our inner wisdom.

Others talk about meditation, hypnosis and other ways to get around our conscious mind. The truth is that these can work sometimes and not others. Our inner wisdom comes from deep within the unconscious part of our mind. It contains a combination of everything we know and think with messages that come from outside.

Even the messages we receive from our soul, spirit, and other higher levels often penetrate us through our unconscious and are then transmitted to our conscious mind in ambiguous, oblique, unclear, and downright strange at times.

Sharing practical steps to discern your inner wisdom may not be helpful as it often defies codified methods and procedures. Even if the suggestions on how to access your inner wisdom sometimes work, they cannot be expected to work all the time.

And, often, your inner wisdom will slip into a message in a manner completely independent of these methods. If you rely too much on the following steps, procedures, and methods, you can ignore critical guidance messages that don’t reach you this way.

Learning to recognize and trust your inner wisdom can only happen through your own unique experiences and reflections. You are the expert in you. No one knows what works best for you. You have to be careful about everything that is going on in and around you so that you can begin to detect patterns in the way your inner wisdom has chosen to communicate with you.

From my conversations with people around the world, here are 25 ways our inner wisdom has actually sent a message to someone. Hopefully, this list will open your mind to all the limitless possibilities of how your inner wisdom speaks to you.

25 Ways Your Inner Wisdom Sends You Messages (2)

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1. A soft voice of orientation.

2. A demanding voice that tells you what to do.

3. A film scene that suddenly has a special meaning.

4. A rainbow.

5. A sudden feeling of dread.

6. A song you suddenly remember.

7. A sudden sense of changing direction or route.

8. A vivid image of a location or building.

9. An idea while taking a shower.

10. A wrought-iron gate.

11. A penny on the front lawn.

12. Illness or fatal disease.

13. Coming back after you think you were dead.

14. The death of a loved one.

15. By reading an article.

16. A bad boss is falsely trashing you about something.

17. A loved one puts you on the spot with a difficult question.

18. Meeting a horse.

19. Trusting a mentor, teacher, or other type of helping person.

20. Someone asks for your help.

21. A dream.

22. Sleep typing (like walking while sleeping only using the keyboard).

23. Pain, pulling, or other sensation.

24. Something surprising is happening.

25. A message or a feeling that keeps repeating itself.

Note that any of these events may occur and may not be a message of guidance from your inner wisdom. And then again, they could. Each person receives these messages in their own way and no two are the same.

The messages are unique to each person. You have to know yourself well and be able to separate the different things that are going on inside of you before you can always recognize when your inner wisdom is speaking to you.

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