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7 Signs You Are Being Guided by the Universe to Your Destiny

There are times when we feel like we are lost. Sometimes that feeling stays for a long time and we think there will be something that will show us the way.

Maybe you believe that the universe manifests in various ways to show us the right path. But then you wonder how it works for you.

Well, here are some of the ways the universe could show you the right path:



1. All of a sudden, your life becomes eventful:

Your life had been sort of boring. There weren’t many events and you had no friends. Nostalgia for the times of the past seems to take more control of your life than you would like. But now all of a sudden everything changes.

Suddenly your friends party and you become their main guest. New friends are coming into your life and even if it doesn’t sound like the wild times of the past, you will feel like your life has taken an unexpected turn.

Everything is moving at a frantic pace right now. Affirm yourself: I will open up to all these invitations and say yes.



2. You are searching for your purpose:

You knew you were hungry in yourself. You wanted to get what you wanted but somehow that hunger was alleviated. The fire that raged inside you was sleeping. But when the universe comes to your side, the fire rekindles. It burns and keeps you awake day and night.

It may worry and motivate you, but it does not concern you.

It’s all about your goal, and that’s what counts. Affirm to the universe: “Thank you for aligning me with my goal at the right time.”

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3. Possibilities come to you:

It’s no wonder that when new invitations and friendships start to happen, you will have new experiences in your life. And with new experiences come new possibilities. You’ve already been heartbroken. You have built walls and have never let anything affect you.

Now it’s time to break down these walls. Open yourself to the world of experiences, to the world of possibilities. The universe brings you many gifts. Do not resist. Try to go with the flow and see where the universe takes you.



4. Your soul family comes together:

Members of a soul family do not have to be someone with whom you have a blood relationship. These are people who come into your life and bring a whole new definition to your life. These are the people who are spiritually on the same wavelength as you.

When you meet them, they will only liven your life completely. It doesn’t have to be romantic. They can also be your soul brothers or sisters. They could also be your friend and maybe you could be soulmates.

These are people with whom everything is going well. And the more your universe sends them your way, the more you will have a good life to come. Affirm: “I am grateful for all the soulmates I have around the world and they nourish my soul.”

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5. You notice an increase in your sensitive energies:

Your intuitions start to get higher than usual. You are aligned with the universe and therefore you will have a lot of vibrational influx. The vibrations of others will begin to come into contact with you and you will be intentionally in the precise place that you wish to be.

Maybe you probably won’t be in a pub during this time, because of all the negative vibrations that can arise. It will be your own choice. Affirm: “I have become intuitive and it will now help me in most of my situations.”



6. You are delightful:

Everything around you seems to have its own life. When the sunlight falls on you, you can feel the energy there. The fresh wind brings you new life.

There is nothing present that can really put you down. The world almost conspires to make you feel happy. There is a joy in the air that you cannot really point out but it is there.

But the most important thing about all of this is that you are enjoying the energy. It helps you grow and be one with the optimistic energy of the earth and it’s just beautiful. And you know it.

If you feel that way, tweet an affirmation and share it with the world: “I thank the cosmos for everything.”



7. You are open to the universe with an intent:

While it is okay to be open to the universe, just make sure you don’t get lost again. So you must also carry an intention when you become so open to the universe. Something magical is going to happen, but you have to make sure that the magic doesn’t fade.

You have to point it in the right direction so that you can make a difference in your world. Make a move to make your dreams come true. Let it happen because the universe is with you.

Be ready to accept the energy of the universe. The universe speaks for you and stands next to you. It gives a lot of signs to show that he is with you. What else do you need? Now is not the time to resist. Just live your life and make it happen.

While you are aligned with the universe, you can also try the ancient manifestation ritual to create a deeper connection. Let the energies of the cosmos direct you to your dreams and make it happen. All you have to do is trust it a little and trust yourself a little. And you can certainly do wonders!

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