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5 Bad Habits that Drain Your Life Energy

It often happens that we feel tired, exhausted and apparently without reason; the moment we can objectively analyze our days we realize that we are slaves of bad habits that are actually drying up our vital energy.

Often these bad habits are considered nonsense, they are something so obvious that we don’t pay attention to them.

Remember that acting on things that are apparently simpler and banaler is an excellent way to raise one’s vital energy to attract it to oneself.

Here are the 5 Bad Habits (which you are probably ignoring) that drain your vital energy, indicating the physical and the spiritual damage:



1. Not drinking enough water.

Physical damage: every vital organ needs water to function. It is necessary to drink more and more in special conditions such as pregnancy, illness, heart problems, breastfeeding.

Spiritual damage: by drinking little water, the use of psychic abilities and rejuvenation are lost. Having in itself the virtue of calm and temperance, you may have frequent tantrums.




2. You don’t sleep enough.

Physical damage: little sleep (under 6 hours) gives an imbalance to several functions that regulate the balance between the intellectual and emotional sphere.

Spiritual damage: sleep represents death and rebirth in which the negative is allowed to go to make room for blessings. Interesting as Hypnos (god of sleep) was the brother of Oniros (god of dreams) and Thanatos (god of Death).




3. You don’t enjoy yourself enough.

Physical damage: you have a dangerous lowering of the levels of dopamine and serotonin which cause not only physical exhaustion but also an emotional depletion.

Spiritual damage: you send a disharmonious signal to the Universe, by sending a work message the universe will ensure that you multiply your work. This is positive when work is parallel to your life mission. If this is not the case it is important that you send more signals to the Universe related to your enjoyment.




4. Do not meditate but check your smartphone every 10 minutes.

Physical damage: meditation is a moment of inner observation. By not meditating, you keep too much attention outside, losing the responsibility for your choices day after day. There is less oxygenation to the organs that will tend to malfunction and disharmony.

Spiritual Damage: Meditation helps you find peace by regulating the flow of energy in the body.




5. Not having enough sex in your life (including masturbation).

Physical damage: an active and healthy sex life is extremely beneficial for your body. Traditional Chinese medicine states that the sexual act and masturbation act a lot on longevity (and to think that someone wanted us to believe that we become blind ). However, be careful not to overdo it as it could decrease Ki levels.

Spiritual damage: exploring one’s sexuality is a divine journey as the discipline of Tantra has been teaching for more than 10,000 years. Recognizing one’s attractive pole, one’s masculine and feminine that is in each of us, allows us to recognize our uniqueness and allows us to improve our relationships.

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