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4 Methods Used by the Intuition to Guide You on the Right Direction in Life

If you are open and you listen, your intuition always sends signs and clues so that you can move in the right direction. The right direction is really the direction that is aligned with your soul. It is not a question of good or bad, it is simply the direction in which your soul wants and must go.

When you stay still and listen to this quieter voice, you will always be guided and you will always know what is the right decision to make. Learning to listen to this quiet voice takes time and practice. But the more you learn to calm the chatter in your head and the more confidence you will be guided, the easier it will become.

In fact, there is really no tool bigger or more powerful than your intuition. We all have one, we just need to familiarize ourselves with its use.

Although you can do exercises to reinforce your intuition, the most difficult thing is sometimes to determine the difference between your intuitive voice and the voice of your ego.

Most of us have a very present and powerful mind who works constantly and gives its opinion, which can sometimes prevent us from accurately understanding our intuition.

To help you in this process, here are 4 common warning signs that your intuition sends you to guide you in the right direction.

If you ever encounter these warning signs, the message is always: stop and listen.

Here are the 4 signs you need to watch out for:



1. Indecision.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide if you want to go left or right, choose a dish in the restaurant, or react or let go. Making decisions, big or small, is certainly something your intuition can help you with.

If you find yourself going around in circles to decide whether or not to do something, or if you have a hard time making a decision, you may be convinced that it is your intuition that speaks to you.

As I always say to myself, when you meet indecision, you have to listen to your intuition!

Often, when you have trouble deciding, or feel resistance to making a decision, it could be a harbinger of your intuition that you do not have all the information yet or that something is wrong.

When you are undecided, the best thing to do is to pause and wait. You can also ask for a sign or meditate gently to help you see things more clearly.

If you can not wait, follow the option which seems the best. Our intuition does not always respect the rules of logic. So you sometimes have to learn to trust your feelings.




2. Search for approval.

4 Methods Used by the Intuition to Guide You on the Right Direction in Life


While it is normal to ask someone for their opinion or even their approval if you ask everyone, it could also be a sign.

When you find yourself asking for everyone’s opinion, most often you’re probably looking for validation or you’re ignoring what you already know to be true deep inside you.

When your intuition sends you a message that is difficult to understand, it can sometimes be tempting to seek opinions and advice from other people in order to be comforted or validate what we already know to be true.

If you find yourself asking for the advice and approval of everyone around you, stop and check yourself. Connect with your inner voice and do not be afraid to hear the truth.

Remember, it’s your life and only you know what’s best for you.

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3. Feeling unmotivated or exhausted.

Feeling exhausted or unmotivated is another warning sign of your intuition. This usually happens when you surround yourself with the wrong people, but also when you enter a room or in a particular situation.

If you ever feel exhausted, especially if it happens suddenly, it is certainly a sign that you must seek advice from your intuition.

The problem with this situation is that it is difficult to listen to your intuition when you feel exhausted.

So take a step back, get away from this situation or person, and your energy level will recharge quickly.




4. Something feels wrong.

4 Methods Used by the Intuition to Guide You on the Right Direction in Life

The most common warning sign of your intuition is a general feeling that something is wrong. When you feel bad about something or if you think something is wrong, it could certainly be your intuition that tries to warn you.

If you feel disturbed by something, take a deep breath and ask your intuition to tell you the best thing to do.

Sometimes stress or anxiety can also bother us and make us believe that the situation is worse than it really is, but if your feelings of “mistrust” also clash with other warning signs such as indecision or feeling tired or stressed, be careful.

You may need to take a few deep breaths or meditate a bit to help clear your mind and understand what might be happening.

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Hopefully, these 4 warning signs will help you understand how your intuition guides you and protects you. Your intuition is really your greatest superpower.

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