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The Waxing Gibbous. A Time for Reflection!

What is a Gibbous Moon?

A gibbous moon is seen for about 10-14 days after the new moon in astronomy. A Waxing Gibbous moon can be identified by its nearly finished appearance in the sky where more than half of the moon is illuminated by the sun and less than half is in shadow. The illuminated fraction of the lunar surface will appear to grow into the sky until it is a fully illuminated full moon.

A Time for Reflection.

The Waxing Gibbous moon in the sky represents a peaceful moment of reflection and adaptation. The next seven days have a solid forward movement. If you have set goals during the New Moon, you should now be moving towards a result. This is an excellent time to slow down and take some time to analyse and reflect on what you have achieved from the New Moon. This may mean you need to adjust your expectations and fine-tune your goals, but that’s okay. It will be easy to adapt and adapt during this time.


If you are in a relationship during the Gibbous Moon, you may need to adapt your needs to your partner’s needs. For example, if you’re pushing to move in together but find your partner isn’t ready yet. So you will have to accept that you may not be able to fulfil your original intentions. This moon phase is not particularly favoured for starting a new relationship. If you are looking to meet someone during this stage, be prepared for frustration as you may not receive everything you asked for from the Gibbous Moon.


During a gibbous moon, the moon is nearly half full, as is the energy available. This is a great time to use the energy from the moon to access intuitive guidance. Use your meditation to reflect on your dreams, doing so could potentially increase your ability to get what you wanted.


If you’ve set a particular goal (like losing weight) during the New Moon, you’ve started seeing some results by now. They may not be the results you imagined, but you are moving towards them.





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