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6 Zodiac Signs that Will Have the Best Luck in Love this 2020

As we move forward, the year 2019 is no more than a memory that fades away. With just under two months, things are moving forward quickly.

While it may seem scary to think that the year 2020 is so close, fearing it will do no good to anyone. 2020 will bring new opportunities and offer us all the different energies that we will face in our own way, but it will also align us more appropriately with our higher selves.

If we work with the energies in this world and do not fight the celestial bodies that lead us to happiness in 2020, it will become truly possible.

Below, we will review the various signs of the zodiac that should expect more changes in 2020. All signs of the zodiac will feel the effects and the energies associated with them, but they will be the luckiest in love.

6 Zodiac signs that are most likely to be lucky in love this 2020:



1. Aries:

You will look at the year 2020 with a lot of light in your eyes. You will see that there is a lot to do, but also that you have made remarkable progress in recent years.

You will finally be good in your relationships and ready to move things forward.



2. Cancer:

The year 2020 will make you go through unexpected things. You will change in many ways and you will find yourself once and for all.

The more time you spend with your current partner, the more you will be connected, perhaps you will finally be ready to take this decisive step towards something “real”.

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3. Virgo:

The year 2020 may seem scary, but for you, it will be a good year in general. You will take things much more seriously and work to help the people who matter most to you.

Although you have been a little lost lately, what you will do in 2020 will make up for a lot.



4. Leo:

Of course, you may not feel ready to move towards 2020, but you will find that a lot will be put in place. For you, this year 2020 will focus on love and relationships in many ways.

You may need a few months to know who you should spend your time once you understand what you really want.



5. Sagittarius:

You almost always see the glass half full, which tends to slow you down. You are stuck in a situation that no longer serves you and you crave so much more.

Maybe getting loose and sowing some of these adventurous seeds would do you good. The year 2020 will be a sign of renewal for you, but you already knew it.

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6. Pisces:

Although you can say that you are ready for 2020, it is clear that you are not. You will show your impulsive side a lot more and make efforts to better understand your past. As this happens, relationships may break down.

But it will be to better leave with healthier bases. Some of your relationships will grow stronger and more confident. You may be able to really gain something big if you are able to separate things that must be separated during this time and over the coming year.

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