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Your Spiritual Message for April 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Much has been said about the famous conjunction of Saturn with Pluto in Capricorn, a demanding conjunction, bearer of difficult moments that would involve humanity.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto started to be active from the end of December, (the period in which the first cases of Coronavirus emerged in China) and it was exact to the degree on January 13, the month in which the spread of the virus began to become something real and threatening. All the rest is history.

A difficult crisis, which has had repercussions in everyone’s life, even from an economic point of view. Fear for our health has cast a shadow of concern over what the future of our world will be. A demanding period, especially for those who really had to deal with the disease, and for those who, every day, and I speak above all about doctors, nurses and volunteers, have never spared themselves in helping others and facing this difficult emergency.

Yet in April the energies of the planets suggest a change of course. The conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Aquarius speaks of a new beginning, of an opportunity that is given to us, even if it must be known to manage.

To this conjunction is added the square of Uranus which could give us the feeling of having one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator. It may not be a pleasant sensation, but it will certainly help us to examine all the facts more carefully before making binding decisions for which perhaps we are not yet ready.

We must certainly act, but without taking precipitous or impulsive actions. However, it is a powerful, liberating energy that will help all of us to free ourselves from the sense of heaviness that has accompanied us in the last period because of the crisis.

To bring a little lightness into our daily lives there will be Venus who enters the sign of Gemini. It is a transit favorable to small displacements, small investments, everything related to gaming and giving space to one’s personal passions.

Something we all surely need after this tiring period. Being Venus, the affective sphere will also be involved in the transit, and the first obvious manifestation of this Venus is to give more space to dialogue and communication.

It will be precisely through this tool that we will be able to understand the other and his needs, observe situations from different points of view, and insert new stimuli within the couple.

Read the message for your zodiac sign below to get a better idea of what to expect for this month:


Your Spiritual Message for April 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Today's Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign!


Aries Spiritual Message for April 2020:

Your energy level will be very high. Merit of Mars and Saturn, two important planets for you, which when they are in good aspect to your Sun, make everything easier, simpler, clearer.

April is therefore a special month, in which you will have the opportunity to rise to new life and regain possession of your true nature. To free yourself from all those worries and uncertainties caused by both the general climate of the moment and some personal situations.

There is one extremely important thing (and that you must keep in mind): everything you do and you will do during the year must fully reflect your desires and aspirations. You no longer have to settle for something that you no longer feel with your heart, nor do you have to accept secondary roles, nor remain anchored to a past that no longer represents you.

You must instill courage first of all to yourself. There is that you want a moment for your interiority and you do very well to take it. Try to focus on your breathing and don’t be afraid to analyze which phase is longer or shorter.

Don’t be afraid to look for things, even small ones. Live truly at the moment, try to unleash ideas that are useful for your person first of all, even for what it will be after this quarantine period. There is no limit to reinventing yourself.



TaurusSpiritual Message for April 2020:

The planet strengthened in your sky by Saturn and Uranus can create moods of highs and lows and personal endurance, especially in relationships.

Maybe a few words or too many or some inappropriate comments could make you a pinch more acid and irascible. Or maybe after patiently enduring a situation that you have taken on for too long, you could suddenly explode and realize that it is no longer tolerable. You are dealing with energies that tend to influence your sense of personal identity, but that can come in handy.

How long does it take to figure out which people can add light? Which ones hinder us in such a delicate moment, adding their weight? What does it mean to be able to give?

Avoid drastic measures but take notes for the present. This phase is needed to truly understand what you have in front of you and what you can transform into power. Don’t take too much care of others, even if you receive calls, even if some are in an alarmed state.

If you are in your center you feed your fruitful and true gift, that of amplifying. Fill yourself with videos and films that remind you of beauty, then tell the storylines to those who are curious.



Gemini Spiritual Message for April 2020:

The first good news is about Mercury, which on day 10 finally leaves the sign of Pisces, to enter Aries, a sign with which you are in tune. An important change of guard that will bring clarity to your ideas and thoughts.

Something that will make a difference in your way of perceiving situations, of communicating, of thinking. If there are unclear, complicated situations that have somehow blocked you, you will be able to solve them.

April is a sky that speaks of new departures, new beginnings, and which marks the end of a period of slow reconstruction, long waits, moments of despair. With Mars in trine in the Sun, you will be more combative, energetic, proactive.

This immense gift of life should be appreciated and what better time. Feel every moment, all the work done for your person, for your soul. Many of you have worked hard to build all the internal conditions again, to live without pretensions, without judgments. With an open and confident heart.

You are constantly evolving and this creates a constant change, even in a quarantine phase. Inside you, keep working. You have full faith, a type of faith that completely opens up to prosperity. You already know how to try to live better every day and you are succeeding.



Cancer Spiritual Message for April 2020:

Negative emotions must be overcome to recover the sense of vision: only that can help us find a sense of everything that happens inside and outside of us.

It is essential to try to move forward, removing fear, that emotion that paralyzes, that makes you feel powerless, that creates more damage than we can imagine. Because it is precisely fear that makes gross mistakes, that makes wrong choices, choices that sooner or later come back to haunt you.

An opportunity to think about the importance of life, and remember to love it ALWAYS, through respect for ourselves, for others, for our body, for our planet. An opportunity for you to regain your present time, to get away from a past that no longer exists and to free yourself from ancient burdens that do not make you free.

Life is a great opportunity. You can get big changes right now. Generally, you know how to get inside yourself without too many distractions and this ability is now all over again.

You just have to feel like a sacrificial victim of some destiny, now you are truly able to take everything in hand, even speeches that were left unresolved. You may have been dealing with unconstructive situations and if you need to go and see the truth, ask questions.

Find the courage, use this time to sparkle brave and bright. The moment is also suitable for a real examination: for example, ask yourself if there is something inside you that feeds disgust towards life or others.



Leo Spiritual Message for April 2020:

Strength, courage, generosity are these the qualities of your sign, qualities that in this moment of our life, in which the future appears uncertain, can make the difference.

The Coronavirus emergency has thrown everyone into discomfort, fueling emotions such as fear, anxiety, concern. ” What will happen”, “What awaits us in the future?” These are the questions that we are all asking ourselves about this situation which still presents numerous margins of uncertainty.

And that’s why, now more than ever, it is important not to lose your head, try to stay firm, taking advantage of positive emotions such as courage and hope.

If this moment was golden to discover the delicacy that lives in you, that belongs to you, you could immediately start cultivating it. Roaring is fine, but if deep down you are afraid, you must have the courage to say it.

Don’t stand behind the news, the information, the accusations, the paranoia. Dare to say that you are a little shaky. You may find yourself in contact with beautiful people ready to give you comfort.

In this way, you will discover the beautiful art of keeping up thanks to the support of others. At the end of the path, you will be stronger, more in contact with your strong center.



Virgo Spiritual Message for April 2020:

The Virgo is coming out of a tiring period and not only for the crisis that our world is going through but also and above all for a series of personal problems that are not easy to manage.

But the April sky could simply indicate the need to change some habits in your lifestyle, perhaps not so healthy anymore. Many Virgo might decide to start a diet, join the gym or take better care of their body.

Saturn has begun to pass through your sixth house to indicate that perhaps the time has come to reformulate a life routine that is more in line with your needs and requirements.

There are things that are changing and also in a hurry. There are some things that alarm you, but at this moment the opportunity is splendid not to let go of the reins but to keep them well active elsewhere, consider a move.

Be in the calm of those who know that they can take their time in peace and love. Don’t underestimate the power of frequencies, put sounds that help the immune system.

Find the strength to be in a single motionless, productive, unrepeatable moment. A moment where your breaths reign supreme, nothing else. Don’t be afraid to say no, you can hone this art of self – love right now.



Libra Spiritual Message for April 2020:

April is a month that puts an end to dissatisfactions, balances, having to settle and having to satisfy mediations and renunciations. Libra returns to “breathe”, to see glimmers of light, and therefore to hope. These are not decisive transits, but it will certainly be easier to find a way out of problematic situations, even at work.

A nice opportunity to focus again on the most joyful and pleasant aspects of existence, those of which probably, after this so heavy climate, the time has come to regain possession.

Who said that chaotic love is not full and alive? Who said that things must always be in order, in place? Now you can see how much you criticize who you love, how much you criticize relentlessly.

Take a break and try not to feed a mentality that goes too high sometimes. You have an idea of ​​beauty that is precise and true, but you should also be able to let go of chance at times. Those who are more direct than you are not brutal. Maybe it’s just, really, more direct.

And maybe this category of people is not antithetical but teaches you. It teaches you not to be too mental, not to harm your self just by thinking and rethinking. It teaches you the splendid, ecstatic simplicity. You will know how to draw a beautiful lesson from it.



Scorpio Spiritual Message for April 2020:

The need to get rid of certain conditionings, of tiring situations that have weighed you down, could become so strong, that you react abruptly and even unexpectedly to what is not working. The impression is that you may prove to be rather rigid, uncompromising or intolerant of some people and situations, with the risk, however, of going overboard.

Diplomacy is certainly not one of your best skills, but this month you will have to try not to forget the meaning of this word if you don’t want to compromise some important relationships.

A low vibration attracts a similar one. You should be very careful not to speak ill of others. Try to examine all the people in your life and look carefully if you operate control mechanisms towards them and trigger fear. Clean even more at this stage.

Take all the time to feel how often you reinforce the other and when, on the other hand, you also terrify him/her quite immediately.

You have very nice energies to exploit, very interesting. Give life to something beautiful and if you like someone, come forward. Use less words, rely on intuition, your sacred and luminous intuition. Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to do.



Sagittarius Spiritual Message for April 2020:

Many situations that have remained outstanding, or that have presented margins of uncertainty, will be resolved this month. No longer a Sagittarius at the mercy of events and others, but a Sagittarius active and present to himself, who finds solutions to problems (some easier and others more difficult) thanks to greater determination.

We must not forget that Mars and Saturn are in your favor and that in the first days of the month they will form an aspect of conjunction, an astrological aspect that speaks of strength, courage, cold blood, of that special energy that will lead you to demonstrate greater decision and strength in relationships.

Those who have never nourished their inner world are now a little more in difficulty than those who have always done it or have never stopped doing it. You have never stopped cultivating what Springsteen would call a “secret garden” . Wonderful news.

It means that now you talk to the daisies, make your impossible wishes before breakfast. In short, you are at ease. Sometimes the spirit goes down, but you have good allies around, people like you who have nourished and nurture their dreams well.



Capricorn Spiritual Message for April 2020:

You will be heartened to know that April is a lighter month than the previous one, although many situations will require an important commitment on your part.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius requires not to improvise anything practical, not to promise what you cannot keep.

April may indicate the need on your part to define the contours of the relationship clearly, without the possibility of misunderstanding. Something that will be necessary for those relationships on which you can no longer glimpse a future (or which do not make you happy) or in those that on the contrary have started to become more important than you thought. This is a small test for Capricorn.

Deepening the knowledge of energies does not mean abandoning matter. Indeed, in many cases, the two go hand in hand, as it is the same thing. You don’t have to be afraid of what you don’t see. Many of you have a side, which is musical, culinary, artistic.

You have a way to express it, you should do it. Centers of energy exist in each of us and we can open ourselves to this awareness even if we close our eyes, how much we can open them, it is up to you. Many of you have blown people away. And now, then, let true love in towards yourself and others come in, come on.



Aquarius Spiritual Message for April 2020:

So many doubts, so many “ifs” and so many “buts” that somehow haunted you and perhaps even put you in more confusion. ” What is the right decision to make right now?” “What should I do about that situation that generates doubts and perplexities?” . Questions that must not have been easy to find an answer to.

The Aquarium once again becomes master of itself and begins to clean up situations that do not convince fully or completely, to focus only on what really matters. After a period marked by uncertainty, doubts, hesitations, this month you will have the full conviction that a certain path or professional decision is good for your job, but above all for yourself.

You must try as far as possible to get away from those gray areas where misunderstandings can creep in, just those that you don’t really need for now. The simple things are those that for now can bring light to your life. Ergo: avoid complications.

Let everything move towards a dominant question: how much can you make your fears your own, enter it and really feel it? Staying in your own safety zone also means risking never moving or evolving.

Now it’s time to throw yourself headlong on novelty and love. On beauty and expansion. Take back the serenity and do not be afraid to feel in line with all that means joy.

If you like someone, woo like a sailor waiting to see the shore again, like a lady waiting from the castle but sending emissaries on horseback. Look for the most romantic that belongs to you.



Pisces Spiritual Message for April 2020:

Of course, February and March were a bit complicated for you too. Many Pisces have had to face some personal situations, which somehow have created real emotional imbalances. But you came out of it, certainly more aware than some of your dynamics.

Pisces can detach themselves from what is happening and find in their inner world, in their passions, in their dreams, or in their creativity, a means to center themselves, to live their life in a way full even if the outside world is in chaos.

Everything is vibration and if you change your vibrations you also change situations. Maybe you’ve been in a greedy and unproductive condition in the past few months and the current situation makes you realize how much your heart has shrunk.

Perhaps you have treated someone badly, scolding him or having immense envy. It may be time to review everything and tune in to your fruitful and true part.

Have the courage to apologize if you have exceeded in acidity. Be ready to embrace the world, as you are a sign that can guide others towards a great good. Train with love, be endowed with immense trust in your life.



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