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Angel Numbers: Angels Use Numbers to Communicate with Us

Do you ever notice the same number or series of numbers throughout the day? For example, you look at your phone, and the time is 17: 17. Then you take your dinner for 17.17 $. And finally, you find yourself stuck in traffic behind a car with 1717 on the license plate.

It’s probably not a coincidence, but rather angels or spiritual guides trying to get you a message and communicate with you.

Angels and spiritual guides seek to guide us throughout our lives and support us in solving our problems. Except for those who have spiritual gifts or developed psychic abilities, it can be difficult to communicate with our angels and spiritual guides.

By drawing our attention to numbers, they can manage to send us a message. For these reasons, these sequences of repeated numbers are generally called the numbers of angels.

Although the mere repetition of these numbers can reassure and remind us that we have spiritual support, these numbers have special meaning. The universe is created according to a geometric plane, for this reason, numbers appear in nature and mathematics is a universal truth.

Thus, all numbers vibrate with different spiritual resonance and meaning. For example, the number 1717 is used to catch our attention, but also to sends a particular message.


Here is the meaning of the different numbers of angels:


1 means that you are in tune with your spiritual goal and that you are on the right track. It can also reveal that you are currently in a spiritual awakening phase.

2 means you trust that everything in your life, whatever your challenge, is for the best.

3 is often a call to openness and honesty to yourself and others and pay close attention to what is really going on around you and what you really want deep within you.

4 may reveal that divine healing is in progress and that you will be supported to overcome your difficulties.

5 usually reveals that change is near and that something new and meaningful will soon appear in your life.

6 may indicate that you are in a rut or some way of thinking and that it is time to make a change.

7 symbolizes spiritual mastery and even miracles and tends to indicate that you are on the right track.

8 may tend to reflect something in the material world and may indicate that some work or career goals will be achieved soon.

9 indicates that something in your life is about to end, although it can be heartbreaking. It also reflects new beginnings as space is released in your life.

The numbers of angels often appear as three-number sequences, and very often in the form of the same three numbers that are repeated many times.

For example, many people see 222, which could indicate that any change in a person’s life must be accepted.


When the number sequences are mixed, like 515, the numbers must be read together.

For example, the number 5 suggests that change is on the horizon, while the 1 at the center reveals that this change could be associated with a kind of spiritual awakening.

Generally, we are able to read the numbers of angels we fall on because it is a direct answer to a question we ask ourselves.

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