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7 Tips To Awaken Your Hidden Psychic Power

Have you ever heard the phone ring before it happens? Or maybe you already had an intuition making you feel what a person thought before she spoke?

Have you ever had a dream come true? Although some people are recognized for having great psychic abilities, we are all intuitive at some point.

If you follow these steps, you will improve your psychic abilities to a significant degree and they may even become useful in your daily life:


Inner Psychic Advice #1 – Meditation

Although there are many meditation practices all over the world, one thing is certain, soothing your mind is the first step towards understanding. You are not your thoughts and thoughts simply exist. When you are able to clearly distinguish what you know as a person and what you know as thoughts, you can begin to witness the nature of the thoughts that are in what we call “the ground”.

The ground of thought is available as wifi signals with some places where people have more intensity than others. Thoughts are considered more like a translation of energy, some people are clear translators and others are very distorted translators. The more you are attached to your ego, the less clear your reception will be. This is because the energy you translate will try to “customize” you by your personality of course.

The best mediums are able to stop the chatter of the spirit and allow messages from angels, spiritual guides, loved ones for the Hereafter and Divinity to come. If you want to develop your own intuitive abilities, meditation is the key to quieting the chatter of the mind.



Inner Psychic Advice #2 – Trust Your Instinct

Most people have accumulated some kind of negative experiences along the way because of the natural flow of life. There is a clear difference between following one’s instinct and following the flow.

There is an instinctive magnetism that is created when your mind detects the path you must take. However, many people follow the flow and ignore their instincts by following the herd or opting for safety.

Remember that the road less traveled always needs a pioneer. This time it’s you. Listen more often to your inner self and you will end up in the habit of listening to nothing else.

Recommended Book for You:

The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

This book teaches you the power of the subconscious mind and how you can use it to your advantage.



Inner Psychic Advice #3 – Be Creative

You remember that the road less traveled always needs a pioneer, right? The creative spark that exists in you is an extremely important element for your ability to awaken information from the “field”. The more creative you become, the more you will be in a good position as a guide, with your family or with yourself. This will allow you to listen to the higher voice of thought.

The creative space requires you to listen and allow life to unfold through your body. From inventions, speeches, art, etc. … you can use this energy to influence the world around you because it has supernatural psychic abilities.



Inner Psychic Advice #4 – Take classes

Many caring psychics teach others to help connect and develop their abilities. Some even give online courses that can be just as inspiring and effective as those taught by a person. Do some research around and see what teachers or classes resonate with you. Once again, trust your instinct.

Most often, you will simply have a good feeling about a certain teacher or a class that suits you. Try to avoid the kind of teachers who “impose their way of doing things on everyone”. A good spiritual teacher will be able to help you orient yourself and better understand what your own gifts or abilities are.



Inner Psychic Advice #5 – Communicate with your soul

When you begin your journey and discover your own unique abilities, you can not be fully aware of the mysterious works of your mind and how it works. It’s normal. This may seem implausible, but when you start communicating with yourself, you will get a channel with intuition clarity from your environment and your subtle sense of energy around you.

You will even hear clear messages in the form of audible voices, sometimes it is just a magnetism felt from the “field” that you can then translate into instant comprehension. Write down all the messages you expect to receive, even if you are not sure.



Inner Psychic Advice #6 – Keep a journal of your dreams

The dream universe is “the” spiritual plane of existence that is specifically designed to reflect your subconscious mind. When you are in the dream state, your mind is obviously in a more relaxed state that allows you to reflect in real time in the form of stories and interactions.

The more you write these dreams, the more memories you will have. Some people even have opportunities to come into contact with themselves in the past and in the future or with spiritual guides, angelic beings, etc.

When you reach a certain level of attention during the dream state, you can navigate the collective subconscious known as the astral plane. The astral plane is a point on which you can also begin deeper navigation of your psychic powers.

Recommended Book:

Dream Interpretation

Dream InterpretationGet Everything You Need To Know To Enter The Spiritual Realm Of Understanding Dreams!




Inner Psychic Tip #7 – Learn more about your chakras

Chakras are energy points in your body that can provide you with different ways to access psychic information. Keeping your energy system clear and healthy is as important to your well-being as washing and brushing your teeth.

Being able to understand this energy is essential to your success in developing your psychic senses. There is a lot of information about it on the internet that can guide you, like Youtube or even books and PDFs.

We all have the ability to tap into our psychic abilities. And as we age, these abilities become more and more useful as our responsibilities in the world increase. I hope this list will help you and if you want me to add something to this one, do not hesitate to leave a comment.



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