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Help Your Body Heal By Using The Energy Of Your Zodiac Sign

Help your body heal by using the energy of its zodiac sign. Is it possible to help one’s body by exploiting the energy of one’s zodiac sign? Industry experts answer, yes.

Before medicine became a technique based mainly on the mechanical bases that regulate the human body, the approach that even in the Renaissance era was used, included an examination of emotional imbalances also linked to its zodiac sign.

Every sign governs an organ of the human body and if it is sick, it is necessary to reflect on the energy that governs this organ and restore a satisfactory level.

We take a look at the signs and how to use this ancient wisdom.



ARIES: governs head, temple, front.

The ram is ruled by Mars, the planet leader par excellence. When energy imbalances occur, the most vulnerable points are the head, with headaches, loss of concentration, inflammation of the scalp.

How to balance:

Detaching a bit ‘the pressure that the Aries continuously exerts for its vocation to be a leader. Taking a step back from your ego will help you regain balance and, consequently, strength.



TAURUS: governs the throat, thyroid, neck, spleen.

Taurus is governed by Venus and has the balance as a rule of life. The problems he causes when he enters a state of illness are different, having a clear feeling that he can no longer control things.

How to balance:

The area in which the Taurus must intervene to replace himself is focused on the throat area. The color that helps this phase is blue, so we recommend this color. Important to bring a stone to the neck of that shade, sing, cook appetizing things!



GEMINI: governs the mind, the thought, the hands, and the arms.

When he is in crisis he suffers as a sense of confusion, an inability to grasp something. Ruled by Mercury, they make their guiding force a guiding principle.

How to balance:

Escape from the rhythms that Gemini, due to their great mental strength, undergoes without reserve. They have to satisfy their curious, artistic nature. A good trip, for example, helps restore balance.



CANCER: governs the chest area under the influence of the Moon.

When he loses energy he not only senses disturbances in the area of his chest and nasal sinuses, but he also feels a marked sense of discomfort.

How to balance:

Having a very strong emotional component Cancer must regenerate through contact with people who really love him, and at the same time be able to give him the opportunity to express his sensitivity through the help he can give to others.



LEO: governed by the Sun in the heart, the circulatory system, and the affected organs in the blood.

When he goes into crisis he can not only have problems and disturbances of pressure and tachycardia, but he also feels the strength that is released from his heart fading.

How to balance:

The solution, to rediscover that energy and that force that characterizes it, is about balancing his heart. Whether with forms of dynamic meditation or resuming dreaming and making plans. He must not persevere to harden his heart!



VIRGO: governs, through Mercury, the stomach and the intestine.

In moments of extreme stress, he loses his analytical skills, becoming almost obsessive and completely incapable of managing situations. Manifesting continuous intestinal relapses and frequent digestive problems.

How to balance:

To heal the Virgo, a sign with a strong balance and positive rationality, she needs a space where she can recharge her psychic energy. A weekend in the middle of nature walks in the green are excellent allies to find balance.



LIBRA: governs bladder and kidney.

Under the influence of Venus, in addition to suffering from cysts and inflammation of the bladder, it exasperates very strongly its inclinations. Like that of making oneself totally independent from others, or otherwise binds to someone else.

How to balance:

The balance for Libra, a sign that requires the presence of the other for its right manifestation, is found mediating between the opposites that manifest themselves when it is out of phase. That is, do not attach obsessively or tend to isolation.



SCORPIO: governs the genital organs through the influence of Pluto.

When he enters the shadow zone he feels depressive forms, incapability to manage the existing, and he also shows problems related to the sexual component.

How to balance:

Like a phoenix, the Scorpion has the ability to recover even stronger than before if it manages to leave behind its shadows, its darkness. Meditation and life in the open air will give him the impetus to regain balance, and the energy of Pluto again channeled, will make him regain strength.



SAGITTARIUS: governed by Jupiter and the organs involved are the liver and the legs.

As a sign sometimes it loses stability and this manifests itself in an oscillation between two opposing moods, denounced by inflammations that affect its organs.

How to balance:

Sagittarius regains balance and health by giving energy to the most beautiful part that characterizes it, namely the desire to know, see and learn. In this way, it reduces laziness and problems that can affect the liver and legs, and regain momentum and enthusiasm.



CAPRICORN: affected organs are bones, skeletal system, knees.

When this sign goes into crisis focuses exclusively on the work, losing further balance and ending up running out of energy. This accentuates pains and joint problems of various kinds.

How to balance:

The force that receives from Saturn must be channeled in different areas, even yoga and meditation help him to find the right center of gravity, allow himself breaks from commitments and recharge properly.



AQUARIUS: affected organs are the nervous system and ankles.

When the energy of Uranus is not channeled in the right way the Aquarius loses stability, vague, it has no more grounding and is lost. This only increases the sense of heel and discomfort.

How to balance:

The best way to recompose unity is to identify objectives on which to work, including social, humanitarian ones. And at this stage, it is good to have the support of friendly people able to give him balance and support.



PISCES: sign governed by Neptune, and the affected organs are the feet and the pituitary.

When they are down and they lose their enamel they too struggle to find their way, they feel without strength, like immobilized. They become so passive and renouncing and feel pain in their feet as a sign of discomfort.

How to balance:

Finding adherence with life helps a lot. A barefoot walk in nature reconnects him to his state. In this way, aided by meditation and relaxation, energy can help bring it back to its best shape.

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