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Esoteric Healing: How to Free Oneself from Energy Parasites

Sometimes we feel we are not ourselves. We act in a destructive or self-destructive way, we hurt the people we love or we lose patience unnecessarily with those we do not love, we end up being sick… and all because of wearisome anxiety and emotional instability… It’s all amplified and out of control …

It’s like that. Sometimes we are not ourselves. Literally. We are prey to forces apparently bigger than us. So let’s see immediately what it is and how to get rid of it!

When the light is maximum it creates a very dark shadow. It is when the forces of light take over that the forces of the Dark are unleashed. Around us, a very thin breath divides us from the most heavenly realms as well as the most inferior. We need to know both the Dark and the Light. Without the one, we can not understand the other, neither find it nor attend it.

Andean shamanism speaks of heavy energies. There are those subtle, light, pleasant and beneficial energies. And there are heavy energies, burdensome to hold and intoxicants. Nature is made up of opposites that dance together…

Never before has human senses been open and frenetic and have 360 degrees spiritual communications. Everything is available to us, any kind of energy. Energy moves by resonance, by affinity. Every form of life contains both light and shadow. The war between Good and Evil on a cosmic level also occurs within each of us. Each of us participates actively, whether we know it or not.


How we attract the dark forces?

By affinity. Producing dark energies. You do not need to be Hannibal Lechter (although it certainly helps),  sometimes you just need to be very sensitive. Normally  (except in very rare cases where the energies are so high and bright as to be inaccessible to attacks of sorts)  emotional falls are risky. It is curious to note that the media bombard us with news, carefully chosen and prepared, appalling, gruesome and terrifying. Stuart Wilde, already a decade ago, when the situation was not so extreme, he recommended to protect himself as much as possible, for example first throwing away the television.

We create the energies that compose and surround us. Horror and fear produce dark energies, etheric dirt. And so also anger, contempt, sadness and so much other little poetic rubbish. Spirits parasites, of any kind and nature exist. They feed on this type of energy. They are inevitably attracted to it. And once attracted they do not leave anymore.

Every form of life loves stability. They too love to put up their home. To this end, however, they need constant energy supplies where they are, in the person who hosts them. The parasitic spirits are not disturbing because they take energy away (in fact they sometimes provide it, if it suits them), they are because they take away freedom and in particular freedom and lucidity to live well. They feed the fear of the future and create tares around or addictions… The dark energies need to multiply.

As you can imagine,  many of us experience spiritual interference of this kind, without wanting it and without knowing it. And yes, as we said before, they contribute to nurturing and cultivating the spiritual filth of the world. It’s not that you do not live. Given that others can bear us, everything can be done. But everything is more tiring. It is unbalanced, at the mercy of emotions  and magnified more and more disturbed in harmony with reality.

Negative spirits blow on the fire of our little or big torments and induce wrong choices. They do it in the name of their only survival, whose interests are however antithetical to our survival. Our nature, our soul is light. We are happy when we are light and transparent, not dense and heavy, when we know how to grasp the beauty of what brings life, love, smile and poetry.


How to understand when we and/or others are disturbed by unwanted guests?

From what has been said so far, characteristics and behaviors are easily defined. I add that not all the possessed persons are manipulative and aggressive. There are good people who keep their torments for themselves and are negative only for those who choose to be intimate with them and become victims.

On the contrary, for example, a mother who hurts her children, she certainly does not know what she does, but obviously, if she were a stronger soul and a better personality, she could perhaps resist the low influences that move her.

Of course, it’s always a trench fight. It is when these negative spirits are weak that one can come to terms with them and make them move: the more they take hold of their territory, the more they are oppressed and one can only feed them with intoxicating habits or perverse actions. (“Perverse” = “contrary to the line of happiness”).

Our life is never really beyond our control. Our life is not outside our control even when its flow is conditioned by heavy currents.


How do you clean up? How do you take full control of yourself and your destiny?

Treatment is simpler than diagnosis. You can not be sure of being free of interference, but in any case, there are infallible methods, “do it yourself”, to prevent and to cure.

I do not recommend to be wizards and even more to go to magicians: rites of banishment, even made by sincere and educated people, for what I have seen so far, they leave the time they find. They are part of the entertainment that these spirits offer us.  

The secret of these destructive forces is that they are stupid. So dealing with them is relatively simpleTo make the entities and spirits dislodge just make the territory inhospitable. If they do not find any food there, they go and look elsewhere.

The concept is simple: if we have parasites, in essence, it is because we are keeping them. Everyone has his way. Unhealthy physical habits: smoking, drinking, drugging… Unhealthy emotional and mental habits: fear of the future, anger, egoic attitudes…  Even communication with spiritual spheres generally makes them vulnerable because the spirits will try to make fun of our greed for knowledge and/or of power, and continually divert us and make us unstable, anxious and dependent.

As in the case of any disease, it is not necessary to remove the effects, but it is essential to remove the causes: radically remediate the soil. Changing ourselves and our attitude, our vision of the world and of ourselves.

It is not easy, and it requires willpower and lucidity.  In this case, it requires a greater quantity than any other test of life because the will and the lucidity itself are compromised. We must, as often happens, produce and bring out resources that we do not have in abundance.  This is what obscurity is all about: producing Light. And for this we thank you. We are up to any challenge we have created.

Any dysfunction is a lack of love and light.  The only way to prevent and to cure is to let love and light enter and let love and light come out of us. Being users and producers. Be every day as much light as possible. The darkness has no hold on the light. It is not darkness that darkens the flame of a candle, but it is the fire that dissipates the darkness.

Darkness is always at the service of light. And it follows the will. And coincidentally, fire, according to many esoteric and medical traditions, is associated with the heart and with love. It is the heat that generates life. The flames of hell are cold, said Stuart Wilde, who, in life, had the hard task of exploring them, in astral travels and visions, to be able to speak with good reason.

Love has infinite forms and can be cultivated in infinite ways. In social commitment as in mysticism, in love for a partner as in that for children or animals, or for art, for nature…  Everyone has his own preferential ways and will nourish himself according to his own nature. For his health and his balance, it would be good to practice differently.

It seems, however, that the most powerful and regenerating light is that produced by the invocation of the Spiritual Source that we feel as the highest if we love it with all our heart. 

Prayer, any kind of prayer, has a lining and enthralling effect. It brings everything into the Light.  We raise ourselves, towards the maximum good, from a base of humility and good will, through a path of peace. In this way, any obscurity can be transcended: removed or even transformed.

We are fragile and delicate like a garden in the storm. For everyone, it is like this, every day. We deserve to take care of us with the utmost love and respect. We appreciate beautiful things and reinforce the most sensitive aspects.

We are vulnerable but we also know our strength and we can manage emotions and behaviors in the kindest and constructive way for us and for those around us.

The only defense strategy against occult attacks by humans or spirits is to be increasingly unassailable and indifferent. Who rests in contact and in tune with his Soul and acts from there, is not afraid of anything. Therefore it is invincible.

You can recite this simple prayer:  “In your benevolence, Lord, and in your love for man, free me from sickness and grant me the health that the body needs to serve the purposes of the Soul”.


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