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5 Subtle Signs Our Angels Send to Warn Us of a Danger

If you are one of those who have the wisdom to work with their guardian angels, you will get subtle signs from them to tell you the right way to go if you find yourself in a delicate situation.

These are subtle but unusual details, so you’ll notice them if you pay attention. Your guardian angels want you to know that they are there to support you and guide you in your decisions.

And if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, they will tell you, do not worry. They send you these signs so that you can pay close attention to the choices you make in your life or the things that are happening all around you.

Here are 5 subtle signs that angels can send us, helping us find the right path to follow:




1. You hear a loud and powerful voice.

You can hardly miss this sign. This voice can simply tell us to be careful or not to do certain things.

For example, once in a car, a friend of mine suddenly heard a resonant voice telling her to be wary of the danger. She asked everyone to buckle up. Moments later, she had to pound because of a vehicle coming to the side. If she had not heard that voice, there could have been some wounded. Your angels want to give you warnings to which you should pay particular attention.




2. You receive messages in dreams or visions.

When we sleep, we have no outside disturbances or distractions. Thus, angels can communicate with us in dreams. They send us messages that manifest directly in our consciousness.

For example, you might dream of an incident before it happens, like a vision. It’s a way for them to tell you to be careful and make better choices to prevent the incident from happening. Read Also: 7 Important Dream Symbols You should Not Ignore


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3. You have a bad feeling.

Our stomach is our second brain. There is the solar plexus, which angels use to send us messages. If you have a bad feeling, nausea, stomach ache or if you feel a squeeze or even butterflies, it means that there is a problem.

Do not ignore these feelings, concentrate on them. For example, if you have a funny sensation in your belly when you are with a particular person, it may mean that you are not safe. Ask your angels to give you the strength to understand the situation and act accordingly.




4. You have unexplained breakdowns or delays.

If the machines or gadgets suddenly stop working, it usually indicates that your angel has felt a danger. As soon as the danger is over, the machines start working again. You may also experience sudden delays in your journeys.

For example, a road is closed while you are going to work. It can be your angels who give you more time to think about your choices to avoid serious incidents.




5. You suddenly get sick or people warn you of something.

Sometimes, some people suddenly get sick and choose to ignore it while others decide to take a day off, thus staying away from the incident that is going to happen, it’s a message sent by their angels.

On the other hand, when other people advise against taking a certain route or advise you to avoid someone, perhaps it is your angels who communicate with you through their words.


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