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This is What Happens when You Become a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker?

These people are souls who carry an important inner desire to unfold the light (knowledge, freedom, love, and self-love) in the world.

They perceive this as their mission. They are often attracted to spirituality and therapeutic work in one form or another.

Because they feel deeply about it, lightworkers often feel different from other people. By making them encounter different kinds of obstacles on their way, life encourages them to find their personal and unique path.

Lightworkers are often solitary individuals who do not fit into the fixed societal structures.


A Lightworker is someone who:

  • Really wants to help or heal others whether individually or on a larger scale.
  • Wish to live in a completely different way that is more in tune with ourselves and all that surrounds us that does not give rise to social and environmental problems.
  • Is oriented towards spiritual or direct subtle healing or therapeutic methods to heal others.
  • Is more sensitive or has the ability to explore and/or interact or communicate with: subtle energies, other realities, dimensions, spiritual realms, different energy levels, spiritual guides, and so on.
  • Has experienced spiritual, psychic, or mystical experiences or awakenings that made him aware that there is “more” than most people appreciate about reality and/or what is possible.

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These are 11 Signs that indicate you are becoming a Lightworker:


You become much more empathetic.

Empathy is a superpower. We are all programmed for empathy. But some people are naturally more empathetic than others. Lightworkers are among these people. And in truth, they must be able to detect emotions better than others to promote healing.


You do not correspond to any group.

People will try to stick you a label in many ways, but when you become a Lightworker, you no longer feel like social labels, like a “hippie” or a “hipster,” and even racial labels do not suit you more.


You feel things deeply.

When you have fully integrated the world of a Lightworker, you feel much more deeply than ever before. You become truly empathetic, someone who can feel the misfortune of others as if it were yours.


People are naturally attracted to you.

Whether they realize it or not, people will be drawn to you once you become a Lightworker. Somewhere deep down, they know who you are and what you do.


You are not afraid of death.

Lightworkers are not afraid of death. They can understand the inevitability and true utility of death.


You want to solve the social and environmental problems of the planet.

You believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation.

You have had mystical experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters.

You have endured difficult life experiences that have eroded the knowledge of your divine perfection.

You want to heal your own life as a first step towards healing the world.

You feel compelled to write, teach, or advise on your healing experiences.


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