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10 Signs You Are Stuck with a Spiritual Narcissist

Toxicity takes many forms in humans. We think we understand the people around us, but often they reveal their true colors when we need them most. We know narcissists and it’s best to get away from them. But do you know any spiritual narcissists?

They simply use their spirituality to justify their ways and always get what they want. They rise on other people’s broken dreams and have no inhibitions about it.

Here are 10 signs to identify a spiritual narcissist:



1. They don’t take responsibility for their mistakes:

A spiritual narcissist will never accept his mistakes. For them, everyone is wrong while their words and actions are always right. Even caught in the act, they would lie through it all!



2. They don’t follow their own advice:

These narcissists will never practice what they preach. Although they make big claims with their words, their actions always fail.



3. They always try to bring other people down:

Their insecurities push them to bring others down when they realize that someone else is actually doing something better than them.

You will never hear a word of encouragement from them, but they will actively make others feel inferior.



4. Everything is about them and only them:

Whether in a group or in private conversation, a narcissist would not listen to anyone else. It’s all about their opinion.

They must speak and everyone must listen and follow. You will never be able to express your opinion unless they know they can use it to hurt you later.

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5. They use spirituality as a pretext for their behavior:

10 Signs You Are Stuck with a Spiritual NarcissistThey know all the bad things they do but will cover them all on the pretext of being spiritual. For each action, they have a spiritual perspective to justify it.

Yes, spirituality leads many people to do many things, but these narcissists simply exploit this fact. They think people will not see through their BS.



6. They are correcting others the whole time:

We all have our faults and nobody flaunts them. But narcissists want the world to think they are perfect. They, therefore, make an extra effort to correct others.

They think it will make them somehow better than the rest. They always give unsolicited advice and pretend to be smart about things they have no idea about!



7. They think that they’re the best:

The superiority complex in narcissists is very common, stemming from their complicated minds and lack of self-esteem.

They try to fill this gap with false confidence and announce their superior ways wherever they go.



8. They have double standards:

Since they are all about hollow words, their actions reveal their double standard. They must be free to criticize and correct others, but God forbid anyone who tries to correct them! A spiritual narcissist will never accept his faults.



9. They lie to get what they want:

When their own wishes are not met, a spiritual narcissist will again use spiritual intrigue to get things done in their own way. They will fabricate lies in a minute if it means they can get their way.

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10. They are inconsistent:

Double standards lead to their inconsistency. They are full of charm but by the time you know them closely, you will realize their incoherent nature. They never stick to what they say and always go back on their words.

If you know such a person, it is best to cut all the links as soon as possible. Take care of yourself and get rid of these toxic spiritual narcissists.


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