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12 Signs that You Are Dealing with a False Prophet

False prophets are much more present in this world than most people think. As we all work to become more awake, we also begin to spend more time with those who may not be working for the benefit of anyone other than themselves.

False prophets are spiritual leaders of all religions and all “soulful” backgrounds who work only as such to gain things for themselves. They don’t want to do things with others or see the people around them grow, they just want to use them to get where they want to be. Their intentions are sorely lacking.

People we trust are very important and we must remember this as we move forward in our lives. Those whom we choose to be guided by, especially spiritually, are people we must trust. Evaluating your spiritual teacher is important in determining what is wrong and whether you are following someone you should not follow.

Below, we will review some of the signs that indicate that someone you are following in your life is a false prophet. Although not all of these signs can be present, if many of them are, you have to think about things. Maybe some changes should be made.

12 signs that you are face to face with a false prophet:



1. You think that forcing your path on others is acceptable:

There is never any reason to try to force your way on someone else. We all take our time to find out where we are going.

If your views or guides make you force things on other people, you are following the wrong guide.



2. You trust them more than you trust yourself:

Ultimately, we need to trust our own guts more than our gurus. As these people guide us, our souls know what is best for us.

We must be able to trust our instincts above all.



3. They have broken many boundaries:

If this guru or guide, in general, does inappropriate things with his disciples, this should serve as a red flag. We are supposed to help each other and heal each other without taking advantage of those in difficulty.

The breaking of boundaries should never be tolerated.



4. They are very confidential about their past:

Spiritual teachers, in general, are very open to their past because they know that their struggles can help others to grow. If your guide doesn’t want to open, there must be a reason for that.

For many, this reason is not as simple as you might think and can be quite sinister.



5. They don’t treat everyone equally and have favorites:

If your spiritual teacher chooses favorites and shows more kindness to those who have more to offer, this should clarify things.

We are all the same and if money and benefits don’t matter, then the favorites shouldn’t exist. Everyone should be seen on the same level.

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6. They have convenient answers for any question you ask:

When you question your spiritual guide and he or she gives an answer as if it were a repeated one, chances are they are false. Whatever the question, some thought must be brought to an answer.

If things seem too specific, you should keep this in mind.



7. They have a big ego and don’t let go of it:

Gurus are people who have reached a higher spiritual level and who, in most cases, have therefore already experienced the death of the ego.

If they are still deeply rooted in their ego, they are not really a guru, are they? Don’t forget that kind of thing.



8. They only offer help to those who can offer something in return:

If your teacher wants to help only those who can benefit him in the long run, you are following a false prophet.

Real, truly spiritual people will help everything they can with or without a gain in the end. They don’t care if they’re rewarded, they like to help.



9. What they do doesn’t align with what they teach:

If your teacher says one thing but does another, you should cut the ties.

As a prophet, your teacher must always follow the words he preaches. No one should be considered superior to anyone.



10. They say things that aren’t possible:

If your guru promises that you can awaken in just three weeks by paying him lots of money and going on a retreat, stop wasting your time.

He’s just someone who wants to get paid and keep the wool over his head. The awakenings have to happen by themselves.



11. Everything they say sounds too good to be true:

If that person is just selling snake oil, you have to stop being so naive. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You are very intelligent, make no mistake.



12. Other people that you know are concerned about you:

If the people closest to you are concerned about your religious views on well-being, there must be a reason behind it. Stop to see what the things you do or participate in from the outside look like.

Are you too trusting with the wrong people?

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