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How Autumn Equinox 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

After a hot and romantic Summer that made your heart beat much faster, comes a much more contemplative season. Autumn is a time to take a break and take stock of the abundance in your life. You have created a lot during the Summer, the season of manifestation and self-expression.

It is in Autumn that you are supposed to reap all that you have created. In a sense, the coming season is all about gratitude, and helping you honor your success is how the 2021 Autumn Equinox will affect your zodiac sign.

It makes sense that Autumn begins once the Sun enters a graceful, balanced, and harmonious Libra. After all, Autumn is a threshold season that sits between the heat of Summer and the cold of Winter. Autumn is not a time of extremes, but a period of gentle transition as the fire of one season merges with the ice of another.

Libra is a zodiac sign that transports you between two opposite ends of the spectrum, helping you appreciate its balance. Additionally, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of indulgence and luxury, which encourages you to enjoy the bounty of Autumn, the harvest season.

Taking place on September 22 at 3:21 pm. ET, Autumn Equinox is knocking on your door, ready to bless the world with pumpkins, piles of leaves, and hot drinks on cold mornings.

Each zodiac sign will embrace this change in its own way. Here’s what you can expect, based on your Sun and rising sign:




AriesYour relationships become more important on this Autumn Equinox. You are making a new start in your partnerships; embrace the process of becoming a better partner and choosing better partners.

The people you spend your time with can define your journey, revealing so much about who you are.





TaurusIt’s time to get organized because this Autumn Equinox shines a light on your routine. Let this seasonal transition encourage you to focus on creating self-care regimens that improve your mental and physical health.

Let it help you increase your efficiency at work and direct your energy towards more progress.





GeminiThis Autumn turn brings your creativity to life and encourages you to express yourself. Reconnect with your inner child and allow yourself to enjoy the mess and play process.

Romance bursts within you and wonder surrounds you, so why not live in the moment for a bit?





CancerAutumn Equinox will bring you closer to home and reunite you with your roots. You may feel the desire to return to the places that forged you and reconnect with those you consider family.

It’s a great time to rearrange your living space and prioritize quality time. Your heart thirsts for a sense of security and safety.





LeoAs you say goodbye to Summer, you may begin to feel the urge to stay busy and energized. Autumn Equinox will activate your brain waves, inspiring you to fill up with knowledge, information, and intellectual exchange.

Say what you think, reveal your intelligence, and learn from those who are ready to talk to you.





VirgoThe transition to Autumn can make you feel like you are grounded and connected to the earth beneath your feet. You may feel the need to infuse your life with stability rather than unpredictability.

Buying things that make you happy, as well as making the decision to save your money, could all be things to think about during this equinox.





LibraAutumn Equinox can affect you more than any other zodiac sign. After all, this is the moment when the Sun enters your sign, encouraging you to step into your identity and fully embody who you are.

It’s a great time to focus on yourself and redefine what it means to be you. The next step of your personal journey begins.





ScorpioThe transition to Autumn can seem calm and introspective. Your mind comes alive during this seasonal change and your dreams can start to come alive and your subconscious may be spilling into your reality.

Get to know your inner voice and engage in therapeutic endeavors. You are healing and releasing so much.





SagittariusAutumn Equinox helps bring everyone together. This seasonal change will help you harness your leadership abilities as well as your ability to bring your vision to life.

You may be thinking more about your wishes and aspirations. How can you leave a mark in the world that you are truly proud of?





CapricornAutumn has the potential to be very crucial for you. After all, this seasonal change activates your career sector, encouraging you to become more ambitious and serious about your goals.

Radiate the part of you that is serious, professional, and ready to dominate your field; someone the world wants to see succeed.





AquariusYour adventures have only just begun. After all, Autumn Equinox helps you open your mind and seize new opportunities.

You’ve only explored a small corner of the universe, and you’ve only experienced a limited number of things. Accept that you are an eternal student and revel in the process of acquiring wisdom.





PiscesAutumn Equinox marks the start of a profound and spiritual transformation for you. You dig deep, face your fears, and find out whatever you’re willing to let go of.

Transformation doesn’t happen without a little sacrifice, so embrace the process of liberation and renewal. You gain so much strength whether you realize it or not.




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