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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Least Affected by Mercury Retrograde Autumn 2021

Mark your calendars for Mercury retrograde in Autumn of 2021, because on September 27, the planet of communication and thought will start its backspin in the sign of Libra and will not go direct until October 18.

This transit means three to four weeks of misunderstanding and word-vomiting. During this tri-annual backspin, it may seem like words never come out right or that we fight with almost everyone in our life. Oh, and it’s not a good idea to sign off on any leases or contracts.

Some good news: If you’re one of the zodiac signs less affected by Mercury retrograde Autumn 2021, this notorious transit will be more merciful, so you can rest easy for now.

Mercury is the planet of communication, technology, and intellect, so when it’s direct we are able to communicate clearly and travel without delay or hassle.

On the other hand, when Mercury is retrograde, it is much easier to slip up on our words and get into thorny arguments. Because this retrograde occurs in a socially-oriented Libra, these misadventures will seem all the more effervescent in our love lives and among our closest friendships.

But some zodiac signs will receive more mercy than others due to the fact that Mercury is stationed in houses that deal with spirituality, personal growth or expansion, rather than in houses concerned with relationships and external identity.

Nonetheless, Mercury retrograde is a powerful transit that will hit the collective in a very visible way. For zodiac signs that have received mercy, Mercury retrograde will feel lighter. Read on to find out how this backspin will hit your sign and how you can best prepare for it.



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You are feeling this retrograde Mercury on a deep and personal level, Scorpio. Your twelfth house of spiritual growth will be activated during this transit, causing turmoil in supernatural parts of life like your subconscious.

Scorpios are likely to experience epiphany moments involving their dreams and their inner psyche. That said, don’t be afraid to daydream and romanticize your life.

Now is the time to explore metaphysics and try to make sense of your dreams through a dream journal. Express yourself through art and writing to better understand your desires.





You may not be suffering from explosive fights or communication issues with the outside world, but there is certainly a lot of soul-searching on the horizon for you, Aquarius.

Mercury retrograde influences major changes in the house that deals with your personal expansion and philosophy.

Aquarians need to practice discernment and try to block out the opinions of others. It may seem like this transit is inducing a malfunction in your philosophy, it is not a great place for a fixed air sign that is firm in its ideologies.

But this transit encourages you to go further and explore new places. Disclaimer: Mercury retrograde has a reputation for mismanaging travel, so it’s wise to explore through literature instead.

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Mercury retrograde gives you the opportunity to take stock of your money and implement changes to get to where you would like to be financially, Pisces.

You love to daydream, and if you want a luxurious lifestyle, use that time to find the tools to achieve those goals.

Create a budget to keep you on track with your personal financial goals. At the end of this retrograde period, you will use your resources tactfully.



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