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How Scorpio Season 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The Sun will soon emerge from the shadows of Libra to join the aquatic depths of Scorpio on October 23rd. The Scorpio season of 2020 will give us time to reconnect with ourselves as we prepare for personal transformations in November.

The disruption caused by Mercury retrograde will end on November 3rd. The lessons learned during this period will help us to work until November 2020. On November 13th, Mars will go directly after a 2-month retrograde movement.

This will help us channel our energies in the right direction. The month ends with a Full Moon lunar eclipse which will open a new chapter in our lives. Discover how each sign of the zodiac is going to deal with Scorpio 2020 season.




In November 2020, don’t let your ego overrun your common sense.

Use your self-confidence constructively while expressing yourself. Filter your thoughts before hurting a loved one.





Your communication skills are enhanced once Mercury goes direct. Your perspective skills are boosted this month as well.

While helping others is good, be sure to make time for yourself as well. Don’t let the energies of others bog you down.





November 2020 brings major transformations for you. By adopting new beliefs, you will progress towards maturity.

As the year progresses, you will become more comfortable with these new developments. So don’t rush that far.





There is a part of you that you have kept in the dark. Now is the time to release these energies and fully embrace yourself.

This is also a great time to start working on your hobbies and make them part of your daily life.




November 2020 is all about home and family. Find the place where you feel most rooted and reconnect with that place. Your house is not always a place.

It can also be your friends and family as well. Whether it’s family or yourself, now is the time to focus on them and give them the attention they deserve.





As Mercury goes direct, you will finally be able to act on the decisions that you have delayed.

You have great opportunities, but don’t fill your plate yet. The second half of the month could bring other surprises!





November 2020 means fun for Libra. Forget what other people want and make your own list.

Put your needs and wants first and find what makes you happiest.





Use the first half of the month to wrap up due projects before your governing planet, Mars goes direct.

After the 13th you will be ready to take on bigger projects and take on all kinds of challenges. November 2020 will send you all the support you need to keep moving forward.

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Before the end of the year, you will experience many changes. If you keep an open mind, November 2020 will provide you with some exciting opportunities.

A new beginning awaits you, but you must be patient. Don’t rush and see how things unfold in the weeks to come.





November 2020 is going to push you out of your comfort zone, Capricorn! You are in an incubation period where you are preparing to make your biggest dreams come true.

You have to be patient with yourself because your plans are quite powerful. Don’t be frustrated if they don’t work immediately. You still have time!





You are ready to make the most of this month! You have finally gained some self-confidence after months of relying on others. 2020 could be a turning point in your life, but you need to act now and take the lead.

With only 2 months left, you have a long list to tick off!





Whatever plans you’ve been working on in the shadows are now ready to see the light of day. As clarity returns to you, you can finally fix these minor issues and set yourself up for success. You are on the right track, but you must keep moving forward. Your biggest dreams are not too far away now.



Overall, the Scorpio season of 2020 brings some big and positive changes for all zodiac signs. We just have to be patient to let the Universe work out its plan.


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