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How the Aries Season 2021 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Pisces season may be coming to an end this week, but Pisces-style thinking certainly isn’t. After all, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the last sign of the zodiac wheel on March 15, inspiring imaginative ideas and empathetic conversations.

You might feel a little scattered and distracted, but the daydreams you drift into will make all the confusion worth it. Your horoscope for Aries Season 2021, has only just begun and there is already a major planetary shift underway.

The cosmic temperature deepens in the middle of the week. On March 16, the Pisces Sun will sextile Pluto, the planet of transformation, encouraging you to strengthen your commitment to yourself and discover who you are.

Mark March 20 on your calendar because there is so much going on. This is when the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac wheel. Since it’s the first sign, it technically means it’s time to celebrate the Astrological New Year. March 20 is also the first day of spring (which actually coincides with the entry of the Sun into Aries).

As the winter ice begins to melt, new life will spring from the earth and the natural world will replenish itself. This is why Aries is such a motivating force because it is literally the source of vitality for so much rebirth. Let Aries ignite new goals, new projects, and new ideas. Don’t let anything stop you from being successful.

The excitement continues on March 21. This is when Venus will enter Aries, infusing your relationships with so much passion and intensity. This is pure love at first sight energy, so watch it make your love life more like your favorite dramatic and romantic movie. March 21 is also the time when your mind will be filled with uplifting energy as Mercury forms a sextile with innovative Uranus, sparking new ideas.

These ideas will not cross your brain nor will they drift away, for Mars, the planet of courage and ambition, will form a stabilizing trine with Saturn. If you’ve been dragging your feet over the past few months and struggling to find the motivation to stay motivated, this aspect will be your saving grace. Let it support your fire with plenty of fuel.




Prepare to be shocked this week. The past few weeks have been emotional and introspective, but it all leads to this powerful and rewarding moment for you.

Not only do you feel more like yourself, but you make all the right connections. If you make a point to network and reconnect with your social circle this week, it will yield powerful results. It can even lead to a game-changing project.





Your friendships are deepening this week. You might be thinking about the people you hang out with and whether they really “understand” you. Superficial friendships aren’t cutting him off just yet.

In fact, if it seems like the vibes are all wrong, you might even feel like spending some time alone. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be doing anything but daydreaming. Something major is brewing in your career this week as well.





Success is more than just showing off and winning the game. It’s about leaving a lasting impact on the world you are proud of.

This week you might think about the reason for your goals and what achieving those goals would mean to you. If you can’t find a good reason, maybe it’s time to rethink your next destination. Right now, you are growing in ways that you might not even realize yet.





Accepting spontaneous opportunities this week could lead to some fascinating career developments. Put aside your need to follow the book and let the wind take you in new directions.

Maybe trying something different will give you the inspiration you’re looking for. There is no one and only way to do something. Try to keep an open mind this week and allow people to show you another perspective.





Sometimes you have to go through the wringer before it all gets much clearer. Instead of avoiding your most intense emotions while trying to keep things light, why not explore what those emotions are trying to tell you?

Much of your strength comes from your shadow, so face your difficulties and ask yourself what can be gleaned from the situation. New doors are opening for you.





Raw, unfiltered romance swirls through your heart this week. The cosmos infuses your relationships with transformative energy, helping you inject stagnant connections with much-needed passion.

At the end of the week, work will grab your attention. You have so much stamina and energy to help you get through your procrastination and get the job done. Don’t let this energy go to waste.





You have the power to do so much housework at the start of the week. You can feel motivated to improve your living space and nourish your personal space with a much-neede TLC.

Take care of yourself. At the end of the week, you might find ways to look on the bright side and stay optimistic about life. Harness your playfulness and concoct ways to invite more creativity into your life.





You may be feeling very flirtatious and attractive at the start of this week. When it comes to love and romance, you’re ready to take things to the next level and seek out some raw truths. You deserve a love that transports you to a deeper part of yourself.

In fact, at the end of the week, the healing energy around you may seem intense, but ultimately so invigorating. Don’t ignore your feelings because they point you in a powerful direction.





Find ways to stay grounded this week. If you are feeling disconnected and not focused, the cosmos encourages you to feel the earth beneath your feet and reconnect with your center.

Give your soul what it needs. This grounding energy will eventually reach your relationships, sparking new excitement as it encourages long-term commitment and growth. Think about your future potential together.





Your brain is bursting with power this week. Your power to investigate the truth, to study new matters, and to speak your mind with renewed commitment is reaching new levels. Challenge yourself intellectually.

But don’t stay in your head for too long. You have a lot of uplifting energy to help you put in the effort and achieve your financial goals. Now is the time to set a number and demand it.





This week you are mixing your connection to your spirituality with your connection to the material world. It’s a beautiful time to do some healing shopping or let go of your understanding of what you need versus what you want.

Let go of the excess, because at the end of the week a major creative reveal comes to fruition. Artistic inspiration surrounds you and you have the power to make that inspiration last.





This week you are embracing so much personal growth. In fact, you may be reshaping your hopes and wishes by accepting that your dreams aren’t just about you, they involve your community (maybe even the rest of the world).

Try to let go of any fears and baggage that might keep you from believing that these dreams might even be possible. The mountains move for you.



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