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What Type of Witch Are You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Believing that we were witches was quite easy as children. All we had to do was imagine we had otherworldly powers, and suddenly we were flying on enchanted broomsticks, brewing miraculous potions, and casting spells with a magic wand. Nothing could break our fantasy.

However, as we continue into adulthood, this belief begins to weaken. Societal expectations cut our wings, reality sinks in and responsibilities become more important than daydreams. But if you have accepted the idea that you are no longer a witch, you are completely wrong.

Your inner witch never dies and your magic can be awakened for as long as you want. By remembering what type of witch you are, depending on your zodiac sign, you will unleash the power that has long been hidden.

Of course, not everyone allows their magical powers to fade into the shadows. In fact, many people can say that they have been witches for life and have continued to engage in their spiritual practices.

Whether being a witch is central to who you are or just a fantasy that gives you confidence and strength doesn’t make you any less powerful. Look inside yourself. There is a witch there, waiting for you to release her.




Aries WitchStorm witch

You have the intense, overwhelming power of weather running through you.

By manipulating lightning, thunder, wind, and rain, you can conquer everything with the influence of the atmosphere on your side.





Taurus WitchAnimal witch

You are deeply in tune with the animal kingdom, and you can call upon creatures on earth to help you.

Even the fiercest predators trust your energy, and there is no doubt that you have several animal friends at your disposal.





Gemini WitchFairy witch

You have won the trust of the fairy world. You can go there whenever you want and communicate with magical creatures whenever you need help.

They say you leave a trail of fairy dust everywhere you go.





Cancer WitchHearth witch

Home and hearth are where your witch’s heart resides.

By dazzling your cottage with magical, protective energy and creating healing potions from your personal cauldron, you are a witch in the most traditional sense.

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Leo WitchDeity witch

You have an open portal of communication with any deity you desire.

Calling upon the wisdom and the help of a god or goddess of your choice is what gives you strength. Perhaps it is because you are also a part of divinity.





Virgo WitchGreen witch

You hold the power of the natural world at your fingertips.

By communicating with Mother Nature, collecting magical herbs, and absorbing the elements, you become one with all the energy around you.





Libra WitchLove witch

You are a witch to whom lost lovers turn to for help. You can brew the most seductive love potion, connect the perfect pair, and attract any mortal with your powers of seduction.

Being a love witch is more powerful than anyone thinks.





Scorpio WitchSpirit witch

You are the witch who can communicate with the spirits existing in the afterlife.

Whether they are deceased loved ones, guardian angels, or mysterious entities, you can always ask them for help and advice.

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Sagittarius WitchHedge witch

By nature, you are a traveler. Your power lies in the ability to fly to distant lands and cross the borders between realms.

Whether you are flying on a broomstick or astral projecting, you are always going somewhere.





Capricorn WitchCharm witch

You are enchanted by the riches found in the earth. Whether you are working with a crystal, gem, talisman, or stone, you can absorb all of its power.

You are also the witch fully connected to her magic wand.





Aquarius WitchChaotic witch

You are the witch who breaks the rules and rebels against injustice.

You may be considered a liability by some, but even your fellow wizards admire you for being brave enough to stand up to your coven if they are in the wrong.





Pisces WitchSea witch

Your powers are rooted in the depths of the sea.

Between the intensity of waves crashing, the magic of seashells, and the healing properties of saltwater, your strength comes from the ocean.


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