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How the December Full Moon in Gemini Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

When emotions run high, people run wild, and chaos is chasing you left and right, you know it must be the Full Moon. After all, a Full Moon tends to build up tension until you’re about to hit your breaking point.

There is even an astrological reason for all this cosmic chaos because it is during a Full Moon that the Moon and the Sun form an exact opposition. Since the Moon rules your spirituality and the Sun rules your ego, it can seem like two very different sides of you clash when a Full Moon occurs.

Wait and see how the Full Moon in December 2021 will affect your zodiac sign as it is bound to be intense. This next Full Moon is in Gemini, and in the zodiac, Gemini is represented by the twins.

Geminis are known for their split personality, and while it might instantly make you think of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, it’s not that simple. As a mutable air sign, Geminis are always able to see two different sides of a story.

When new information emerges, Gemini will easily change their mind rather than cling to their old perspective. This mental versatility makes Gemini a keen observer and quick learner, which means this Full Moon is likely to bring to light details you weren’t aware of, proving that nothing is black or white.

Some may say that Geminis cannot make up their minds, but it is more accurate to say that they have changed their minds. Although Geminis tend to be much more intellectual than emotional, this Full Moon can be surprisingly sentimental and uplifting. This Full Moon will form a trine with Jupiter in Aquarius, which will only expand your thoughts and feelings.

It will also encourage you to socialize and connect with people who inspire you, as the possibilities are endless when you team up with others and combine your ideas. Taking place on December 18th at 11:35 pm ET, this Full Moon will affect each zodiac sign in its own way. Here’s how:




You focus on the details that you may have missed. A problem you’re struggling to solve has an answer, and if you pay attention to it, this Full Moon might help you uncover the tools that will help you find it.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, speak your mind, and put yourself out there. Sometimes the answers require a little more digging.





You may be coming to terms with what you want and what you need. While luxury is a beautiful thing to strive for, try not to let it overshadow all the needs that continue to be met.

Luxury loses its luster after a while, especially when it becomes an expectation rather than a pleasant surprise. Let this Full Moon remind you to replenish your luxury and remind you of what to feel grateful for.





Your bubbly personality attracts a lot of attention. Much of this attention has been positive, but some has also been negative.

And it’s the negative attention that maybe taught you to hold back some of your sparkles just in case you outshine someone else. This Full Moon encourages you to regain your glow. It’s time to shine as bright as you want.





No matter how busy or chaotic the world is, your inner world is still yours. It is through your imagination and your spirituality that you can transport yourself to other dimensions and heal your energy.

Let this Full Moon help you reconnect with your inner world. Let it help you remove the clutter from your subconscious and capture the zen you need.





This Full Moon will reveal the true dynamics of your social clique. You may find that certain groups of people inspire and support you more than others, inspiring you to connect with those who bring out the best in you.

Don’t underestimate how others can influence your energy. Rediscover how you want to be influenced.





Instead of letting your career happen to you, now is the time to realize your career. This Full Moon will remind you of the goals that really matter to you, and if you’re still chasing pipe dreams, it’s time to give it a shot.

Don’t take the first opportunity someone gives you. Don’t settle for the first offer. Ultimately, you call the shots.





You see things in a whole new light and that might just encourage you to take a risk. When you step away from what feels familiar and leap into the unknown, you will return to new experiences that broaden your horizon.

Let this Full Moon take you on an adventure as it gives you spontaneous opportunities to create new memories. Let it teach you to have a little faith.





It’s hard to focus on starting something new or investing your energy in a new project when the past is still holding you back.

This Full Moon can reveal debts that still need to be paid and loose ends that still need to be tied. Let it show you what you are willing to put behind you once and for all. It’s time to start focusing on planting new seeds.





As you embrace growth and change, it’s inevitable that the dynamics of your relationships will start to change with you. This Full Moon can reveal the evolution of your relationships.

It can even reveal how your priorities in a partnership have changed. Let this Full Moon show you who really supports you. Let it show you how to form stronger partnerships in the future.





This Full Moon will help you tune in to your body. It can highlight all the ways your health might need a little improvement, prompting you to make lifestyle changes that heal you on a physical level.

It will also reveal how your habits and daily routine bring out the best in your work. Maybe it’s time to reorganize and restructure your whole process.





You tap into your creativity and your penchant for romance during this Full Moon. It may just remind you of what truly brings you joy, encouraging you to prioritize bringing more of whatever can be into your life.

Your creativity is never something to sacrifice. Being creative is essential for being human, so start messing around and coloring outside the lines.





You deserve a space that you feel is safe and sacred; a space in which you feel comfortable enough to remove your armor and be vulnerable. This Full Moon helps you reconnect with what it means to feel at home.

This can bring domestic disputes to the surface, helping you identify what needs to be sorted out so that you can enjoy a deeper sense of comfort and confidence behind closed doors.




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