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How the Rare Conjunction of the Age of Aquarius Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

You’ve probably heard about the Age of Aquarius at one point or another. There are a lot of interpretations of what actually signals the dawn of the Age of Aquarius in astrology, but many astrologers believe it refers to the rare 2020 alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, aka the Great Conjunction.

This monumental cosmic event takes place under the sign of Aquarius on December 21st, 2020, and this is the first time in nearly 400 years that we will experience this particular alignment. This conjunction indicates intense changes on the horizon for all zodiac signs, so you’ll want to know how the Great Conjunction in Aquarius will affect you.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two largest planets in the solar system, representing the expansion of horizons and strict limits, respectively. Saturn will enter Aquarius for the first time in decades on December 17th, and Jupiter will follow two days later so on December 21st when they align at zero degrees Aquarius to form the Great Conjunction 2020, that’s a big problem.

Great conjunctions occur every 19-20 years, so this will be the first time these two planets align since 2000. However, this will be the first time these two cosmic giants meet in the innovative and open-minded air sign of Aquarius since 1623 and this connection will inspire rebellion, unconventional thinking, and brighter visions for the collective.

Throughout 2020, we have faced the intensity of having both Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, right next to the mighty planet Pluto, which has served up a whole lot of Capricorn’s rule-oriented, structured, and authoritarian energy. But as these planets move into Aquarius, they will usher in a new era of more freedom.

This is a time when big changes can happen in our lives, although we might be confused about how to move forward. The lesson is to trust yourself and look into your dreams. Find out how the Great Conjunction will affect you, according to Astrology.





Aries, you are a fiery and independent spirit, but the Age of Aquarius will inspire you to seek closer connections with your friends and to work more within your community.

You will learn that you can create something bright and beautiful when you are ready to collaborate with others with the ultimate goal of benefiting the collective. Position yourself as part of a group and watch the magic unfold.





Taurus, your career is unfolding like you never imagined, but the Age of Aquarius will require you to take risks in order to secure your true calling.

While you prefer to do things your own proven way, you learn that sometimes you have to think outside the box to build a stronger foundation. Create new boundaries that expand your comfort zone when it comes to work activities.





Prepare to level up, Gemini, as the Age of Aquarius will be more like an age of enlightenment for you. You discover unconventional new horizons and unexpected limits within your spiritual ideals and belief systems and you crave knowledge that can help broaden and clarify your perspective.

Don’t take shortcuts to your philosophical destinations. Read books, take classes, and enjoy the beauty of learning new things.





The Aquarian age asks you to find new ways to be vulnerable while maintaining boundaries, Cancer. You may have to learn some difficult lessons when it comes to relying on other people in the coming year, whether financially or emotionally but these challenges will also allow you to strengthen your resolve as you develop your inner warrior.

Be open to new ways of healing and connecting with others.




The Age of Aquarius will inspire freedom in all of us, Leo, but you are going to feel it most deeply in your love life. If you are in a relationship, be prepared to go unconventional and redefine the rules of your partnership, as this shift in energy will raise questions that require creative solutions.

If you are single, be open-minded, you learn hard lessons about the need to feel free in love.





Take a deep breath, Virgo, for the Age of Aquarius is about to load your schedule with more responsibility than you can imagine. You are blessed with incredible work opportunities, but saying yes to everything would come at the cost of your well-being.

Find ways to break away from your usual routine to make room for your new tasks and efforts.





The Age of Aquarius asks you to get serious and dream big when it comes to what gives you pleasure, Libra. There is potential for growth in the areas of love and creativity this year, which bodes well for everything from budding love affairs to passionate projects.

But remember, nothing thrives without some structure and discipline, so be prepared to work to make those dreams come true.





Prepare for an intense trip down memory lane, Scorpio, as the Age of Aquarius requires you to seriously examine the foundations of your home life, family, and childhood to understand what works and what does not work.

Once you are able to fix these issues, you have a good chance to rebuild your idea of security and connection. You can choose your family and feel more stable than ever.




Your fiery personality loves to connect, share ideas, and speak out on opinions but as the Age of Aquarius approaches, rethink your approach, Sagittarius.

Listening more than speaking can help you grasp information that you might otherwise have overlooked, and it can lead you to make important breakthroughs. Open your mind to new ways to connect with the people and things around you.





Jupiter and Saturn have been lumped together in your sign all year round, so their transition to Aquarius might feel like a weight on your shoulders but don’t get too comfortable.

Sharpen your sensibilities when it comes to finances, Capricorn, because while you may experience major luck in these areas, you can only capitalize on this luck if you are disciplined in managing your money. Keep your checkbook tight.





If you’re an Aquarius at the dawn of the Aquarian Age, prepare for some major blessings, life changes, and intense lessons to come. Saturn will only honor your sign a few times in a lifetime, so listen carefully to its teachings now and try to view challenges and failures as opportunities for growth.

While big changes are happening, you feel more confident and more powerful than ever before, so ride the waves of change knowing you are exactly where you should be.





For you, Pisces, the Age of Aquarius marks a period of calm but steady growth, expansion, and cleansing. It’s time to dust off your spiritual and subconscious closets and get rid of any past baggage that weighed on your soul, whether it was limiting beliefs, unhealed emotional wounds, or toxic relationships.

Be prepared to listen to your higher self and trust that your heart knows what is best.



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