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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Least Affected by the Full Moon in Aries October 2020

The Harvest Moon is upon us, and it heralds the month of October in the most seasonal way. Rising into the sky on October 1st, the October 2020 Harvest Full Moon will boost our motivation as we kick off the Autumn season and help us gain confidence and momentum in whatever we are working on.

This lunation certainly has the power to increase tensions in relationships, but for those zodiac signs less affected by this Full Moon, it will be easy to overcome issues. Known as the Harvest Moon due to its proximity to the Autumn Equinox, this Full Moon is bursting with energy, zeal, and competitive advantage as it unfolds in the cardinal fiery sign of Aries.

While there are two Full Moons in the month of October (Halloween’s rare Blue Full Moon is the other), it is the only one this year that takes place in the realm of this fire sign, so can also increase our general energy level our desire for independence in relationships.

Because this lunation marks the energetic peak of the lunar cycle, all zodiac signs can seize this cosmic opportunity to take the lead in projects and relationships to get things done and bring the energy to ahead.

Full Moons always have a way to shine the light and cause turmoil to get our gears grinding, but if you’re one of the lucky zodiac signs that the October 2020 Harvest Full Moon affects the least, this one will be more exciting than stressful. Read on to see where you stand.




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TaurusTaurus, your energy levels aren’t as high as some zodiac signs’ might be under this stubborn Aries-led lunation, but that doesn’t mean the Full Moon doesn’t inspire action and motivation in its own way.

In fact, a little extra sleep or afternoon naps could actually be productive, as now is the time to fully embrace your subconscious desires and get in touch with your spiritual side.

Full Moons are meant to bring energy to its peak, but you’re still developing something, and that’s okay. Use the Lunar Momentum to move your dreams forward and start allowing them to take tangible form. You will begin to see a goal take shape.

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LeoAll you need to do to make the most of this Full Moon, Leo, is channel your inner lioness’s deep store of courage and be ready to venture into uncharted territory.

You’ve been caught up in the small details of your immediate surroundings lately, which isn’t a bad thing, but seeking new perspectives and trying to look at your life from another angle can help you understand what is right in front of you better.

Whatever you focus on right now, whether it’s a relationship, a project at work, or a creative endeavor, will benefit from your branching out and getting experimental. Try something new to bring your goals to a climax or wrap things up in a way that you didn’t expect.





VirgoThis Full Moon shines the spotlight into the nooks and crannies of your life, asking you to take charge of the invisible energetic baggage that weighs you down, whether it means settling your debts or just keeping your word when you know you’ve made a promise.

Don’t hesitate to take on these responsibilities, even if no one is urging you to do so.

You rush into these subterranean aspects of yourself, and you’re not afraid to unravel the cobwebs you find hanging in your subconscious, because at the moment, you are well aware that even if you don’t recognize an injury, it will still hurt and eventually require some attention to heal.





ScorpioIf the Virgo season didn’t put your schedule in fighting shape, then this Aries Full Moon will. You’ve had your head in the clouds lately, as this month feels like a time of mental and emotional hibernation for you.

Suddenly, in the light of the Full Moon, you will clearly see all the ways your tangible daily routine could be more effective in helping you prepare for your goals, and you feel motivated to take action to change it.

Creating life and delivering the quality of work you want requires you to be a well-oiled machine, Scorpio, so cleaning your schedule, taking better care of your health and well-being, and sticking to your well-thought-out routine is key.

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