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9 Signs that You Have Finally Found Your Cosmic Connection

We all have cosmic connections in this world and sometimes we don’t even realize it when we are face to face with it. Cosmic connections are connections to which we are brought to grow.

Cosmic connections are not always positive but they always have meaning. Cosmic connections work through other people and are intended to shed light on various important areas of our life. These people give us the important lessons that we really need to learn.

Below, we will review some of the signs that you may have met someone with whom you are cosmically connected. These signs should not be ignored. If you notice these signs in a relationship you have with someone, be it a friendship, a romantic relationship or otherwise, you have to change your goal and really try to be open when it comes to that person. What is the universe pushing you to learn through them?

9 signs that you have finally found someone with whom you have a cosmic connection:



1. This person helps to heal you.

This person will take you to a new sense of healing. He or she will allow you to grow in a way that you would not have otherwise. You can heal with this person, whether it is positive or negative.




2. This person takes you out of your comfort zone.

This person pushes you out of your comfort zone. This person really moves you forward in a way that you could not have done otherwise. You can find yourself in many ways thanks to this person.




3. This person helps you open your heart.

This person, whether by positive or negative means, causes you to open your heart further. While this may be a little uncomfortable, it is important. Although you don’t have to be completely open all the time, knowing how to let people in will be very beneficial.

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4. This person bothers you on a deeper level.

This person will upset you on a deeper level than the others. While not everyone does it, those who teach you things you will not be able to learn without the hard lesson ahead. Although it is uncomfortable and painful at times through difficult times, we learn the most lessons.




5. This person tells you what you should hear.

This person doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear. They don’t do anything sugar. They don’t postpone important things.




6. This person reminds you to slow down.

This person reminds you that it is sometimes important to slow down. The downturn is something we all tend to forget. The slowdown is crucial to really be able to move forward on a positive note.

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7. This person motivates you.

This person motivates you to really move forward in life. He or she inspires you to do more things in life and to be a better person. Motivation is hard to find, so take it while you can get it.



8. This person reminds you of your objective.

This person reminds you of who you are and your goal. It makes you want to be yourself and work on yourself the way you want. This person may sometimes seem a bit exaggerated, but they really do wonders in your life.

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9. This person raises questions.

This person reminds you to question things. He or she reminds you that everything is not always as it seems. Sometimes things don’t go their way and sometimes we have to ask for answers.


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