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How Your Partner Acts Like When They’re About to Dump You, According to Their Zodiac Sign

You’ve probably been in a relationship that didn’t seem to be entirely right. Maybe your morals are competing, or maybe the traits you once loved are starting to get on your nerves. When someone decides that this relationship is not working, they begin to act strangely towards their partner. Although ruptures are difficult, they never come without warning, although they can be subtle.

Using astrological signs as a gauge for your partner’s character traits is a fun method of determining how a person feels. Examining your loved one’s personality type based on their sign can help you determine if your gut feeling about your relationship is correct.

If your partner starts showing you these signals, something is wrong between the two of you and it’s time to communicate.




Creates another conflict.

When an Aries falls in love with someone, he tends to be sensitive and kind. If an Aries loves you, his sweetness will be much greater than his hostility. However, when not obsessed with you, this sign can tend to be frustrated and instinctively create arguments and fights.

Conflicts can be fun for an Aries because they are governed by the planet Mars. When an Aries goes from sweet to sour, it can be a sign that something is wrong in the relationship.





Becomes impatient.

Those who have this star sign tend to be brutally honest and very sarcastic with people they don’t like. However, when Taurus loves you, he will spend all his time with you, support you, and listen to all your trivial problems and concerns.

Once a Taurus decides he’s done with you, his emphatic nature turns into a patient person for your problems.

Taurus naturally has no tolerance for lost time, and it’s a bad omen for your relationship once they feel unhappy about spending time with you.





Loses interest.

People who are Gemini experience excitement in their lives and experience new things. In order to capture the love of Gemini, you must keep their attention and be a stimulating and interesting person.

When they fall in love, you will be their top priority and they will want to discuss everything in life and become strong together with you.

When a Gemini stops communicating or prioritizing his time over you, his interests may be elsewhere.





Builds its walls.

When this sign falls in love, they finally feel comfortable breaking down the walls they have built and have started to show their vulnerability. They tend to be naturally sensitive and to guard against others.

Cancers are ruled by the moon, so it’s essential to manage their mood swings and try to understand their inner workings. Once cancer becomes private, shy, and silent, something is wrong with the relationship.

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Focuses on their goals without you.

Leos are known to be particularly creative and expressive. Once in love, they pursue their goals but are still able to retain their true personality.

They love to bring loved ones to every happy stage in their lives, including you in everything they pursue. Once Leo loses his passion, drive, and motivation to do big things, it means the relationship no longer works for them.





Stops working with you.

Virgo thrives on work, repetition, and daily tasks. Virgo finds love with important people who bring joy to their boring routines and create happiness in their everyday life. When a Virgo finds the right relationship, she wants to improve and grow with her lover.

When this love falls apart, they may be too indecisive and passive to end the relationship. Once a Virgo stops planning a life with you, or becomes part of her daily routine, it’s a red flag that something bad is happening.





Divides your lives.

Libra is the sign most linked to their relationships because they are governed by Venus. They have a natural ability to want to connect their life with that of someone else and to place a high value on an interpersonal connection.

So when they feel that something is wrong between them and their partner, they begin to unconsciously disconnect their life from yours.

This process can be subtle, as the Libras are naturally charming and kind, but their true feelings will be revealed by their disconnection.





Acts apathetic.

Scorpio is known to be mysterious, interesting, and extreme in nature. It is difficult to really understand their emotions, even if their feelings tend to be passionate and intense, with a desire to be faithful and honest with their partner.

Once your Scorpio partner starts to go wild or gets cold as ice towards you, it’s time to admit that you’re no longer the one for you. There is a fine line between feelings of hatred and love for a Scorpio.

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Runs away and leaves you behind.

This sign places great importance on their own independence, learning, and growing towards new things, as well as personal freedom. In a relationship, Sagittarius bonds closely with his partner and is happy to be intimate with each other.

Their freedom is put on the backburner instead of their new bond and their commitment. When your Sagittarius becomes unhappy with you, he may dissolve his connection and become free again, moving without you.





Stops investing in you.

Capricorns are balanced and responsible individuals who are constantly two steps ahead of the present moment. When you go out with a Capricorn, you could find them by helping you adjust and adapt to a healthy life, giving you a sense of structure as they are ruled by Saturn.

When a Capricorn isn’t in love anymore, he ceases to be responsible for helping you and forgets to invest in your tasks and responsibilities. Once a Capricorn stops investing in your life, this can be a bad signal.





It starts treating you as a friend.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and tends to be unpredictable and unique because of it. Many times, Aquarius seems cold and distant due to its facade, but it is actually really authentic and understanding towards other humans.

Aquarians love relationships that are built first on the basis of friendships. When they fall in love with you, their romantic side is revealed. However, once they lose interest, they can start treating you as “just a friend.”





Stops thinking about your needs.

Pisces are known to value their relationships with others and like to dedicate themselves to another person. They are so serious about their loyalty that they often tend to become dependent and addicted to their partner.

Because their governing planet is Neptune, they have no concept of boundaries or personal space in relationships. However, when a Pisces loses interest in the relationship, it builds walls to avoid proximity and stops caring about your needs completely.


Although it varies from person to person, astrological signs can be an interesting way to better understand your partner’s state of mind. Have you noticed any of these warning signals from your partner?

It may be time to contact them about your problems. And show this to a friend who acts just like this in a breakup!

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