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Utilise the Energy of the Hunter’s Full Moon for Growth This Winter and Beyond!

As always, at the completion of each lunar cycle, the moon is at the peak of its energies offering us the perfect time for contemplation and reflection.   Following the autumn equinox in September, the next full moon is normally referred to as the Hunter’s Moon. 


The term Hunter’s Moon is derived from the time of the year in past tribal eras when preparation for the coming Winter began to ensure there were plentiful stores of food for the coming months of colder temperatures.  Names were typically assigned to each moon to help track the seasons in these times.


Alternatively, the most commonly used names for this moon are the Sanguine Moon, the Travel Moon or the Dying Grass Moon.


Traditionally seen as a red, blood moon – 2022 will be a special Hunter’s Moon, visible for two successive rises in its full glory; but what should we look for it to bring?


The change in colour of this moon can lead to a change in our vibration but only if we are attuned with it and ourselves.  Whilst still clear in the sky, a darker shade reminds us that sometimes we need to look deeper than perhaps we do most of the time.  This can reflect on us spiritually as well as physically, be sure to take extra time to consider your decisions utilising your third eye properly.


The Hunter’s Moon, given its timing as a signal to prepare for the hard winter months ahead provides us with the perfect time for reflection.  When looking forward to tougher times it makes sense for us to collect our thoughts and come to terms with past mistakes, learning from them so that they are not repeated.  Wisdom is to be prepared, something this moon is advocating to us.


At the gateway to winter and with the overriding message this moon provides us being preparedness we should also harness its power to help foster courage within ourselves.  For many millennia winter was a much more dangerous time with many different challenges to overcome.  Whilst modern comforts have alleviated these worries for many we should not lose sight of the spiritual meaning of winter.  Autumn is an incredible, mystical time for reflection.  With the colours of the leaves changing and falling we are reminded of the circle of life and that change must come.  Use the power of this Hunter’s Moon to focus on any changes that you need to bring before winter takes hold.


Whilst the winter can sometimes appear bleak in terms of nature we are reminded that it is in fact the time of year when the most unseen growth occurs.  Think of the development of crops beneath the earth and use this time for internal and self -development, strengthening ourselves inside and out.  Whilst it may seem hard to be motivated when the days are short and the nights are long this is an ideal time to foster growth that will last and set you up for the lighter seasons to come.






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