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Monthly Horoscope December 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign

The last month of the year will make you change direction. You will be tempted by the changes and promises of tomorrow. You will live in the future and think about the next year, imagining it better than ever, and so on. Remember, however, that it is now December. There are other things you need to pay attention to. Don’t forget reality, even if dreams are very tempting.

The December 2019 horoscope encourages individuals to be patient. You will reach your goals, but everything has its time. Events cannot be accelerated, you have to wait until the position of the stars will change again.



Aries December Horoscope:

Inner strength, spontaneous energy, self-confidence

The stars show that Aries will have a quiet year-end. You will feel better in an environment where you will feel safe. December will be a great time for love, so singles can expect a new chance to meet a soul mate. You will be optimistic and positive, which will attract the attention of those around you.

In December, Aries will again be strong in social relations. The stars say that the knowledge made during this time will be long term. People will enrich you with new ideas, thoughts, as well as with the experiences you will have with them. At work, be careful not to be negligent and to seemingly insignificant mistakes.

If a job interview or another important meeting is waiting for you, reserve some time to prepare yourself. Don’t underestimate anything.

Lately, you are healthy, so don’t be silly. Later you may have serious problems.




Taurus December Horoscope:

Strong and stubborn, but practical and resolute.

At work, Taurus can expect a positive period in December, but as far as personal life is concerned, things could get a little difficult. You will be faced with an important decision. Whatever it is, you can rely on your family’s support. Holidays will take place in a safe and peaceful environment.

December is a very stable month. Now is the best time for long-term projects, especially those concerning finance. On the other hand, Taurus should pay attention to family problems. You must earn the trust of the person affected, in order to help him overcome his difficulties.

Perhaps you have sought your boss’s attention for too long, but in the end, you will find that it is not worth it.

The fact that you do not feel well mentally could be caused by fatigue. Body and mind are connected, don’t forget it.




Gemini December Horoscope:

A communicative and educated character with a sense of humor and creativity.

You will enjoy the last month of the year at best with friends because with them you will forget the daily problems. However, nothing must exceed reasonable limits. Even with the upcoming holidays, Geminis must remain realistic. Take care of your health even in December. If it is cold, dress to keep warm, otherwise, you risk catching a cold or maybe even something worse.

December for Gemini, it will be in the sign of harmony both in relationships and in the family. You will experience it, especially during the Christmas season. Many new experiences could also be expected during this time. You will meet a person who will enrich your personality with new ideas. You will realize different things and acquire a very mature personality.

When you prepare dinner, make it an experience and spoil your taste buds.

Even if you are tired, you should not neglect evening hygiene. If you miss it for a day nothing will happen, but in the long run, it will not do well.




Cancer December Horoscope:

Emotional but receptive, moody and reserved.

Even if your relationships will be harmonious and strong in December, you should pay attention to excessive and obvious dependence on your partner, especially in cases where you are not sure that your feelings are 100% reciprocated. Every Cancer should also avoid futile discussions because they could easily become more serious.

Cancer will review the last year in December. You will have great successes behind you and you can be rightly proud of yourself. Just don’t make it too obvious. Everywhere you can meet envious people who will try to take advantage of you and steal at least part of your success.

If you think you have too much work, you should determine what your priorities are.

You will catch a cold if you do not dress properly for the season.




Leo December Horoscope:

Brave, self-confident, assertive and open.

In the last month of the year, Leo will enjoy comfort and relaxation on long winter evenings. You will also remember old friends and renew contacts with them. At the end of the day, you will be a naturally social and curious type. You can dedicate December to self-development and improving your body.

In the month of December, don’t be afraid of being indulgent. After this difficult year, you definitely deserve it. Give yourself an extraordinary experience, for example. Your mood will be better and it won’t be ruined even by those around you who had bad intentions. You can easily stand up to them.

You haven’t read a book in a long time, give it a chance. You will see that you will like it.

Think of yourself and listen to your body. You should not always exceed your limits. Refuse the invitation for tonight and relax.




Virgo December Horoscope:

Attentive, caring but intelligent and meticulous.

Regarding feelings and emotions, Virgo will tend to be introverted. Your expressions will be somewhat complex in December. No significant career events are waiting for you, so you can afford to slow down a bit. Furthermore, this month favors everything that is hard and consistent – for example, long-standing relationships.

In December, the possibility of a change in your career will finally come. The stars are in a more stable and favorable position and Virgo will have luck at work. The time will fly much faster and without great effort, you will be able to easily manage all the activities and find solutions for urgent problems. You can enjoy your work again.

The temptation to leave work soon will be great, but you must resist. You never know what can go wrong.

You haven’t gone out for a while. Go to the movies, for example.

Take care of your skin if it needs hydration, or get yourself a scrub.




Libra December Horoscope:

Justice, solidarity, harmony, and intellect.

The last month of the year also brings a chance for singles. You will have to fight for the attention of the person you like, but it will be worth it and you will feel great after you have achieved what you want. You expect passion, but also romance. In December, your emotions will be very strong, but try not to attract attention. At least for now…

Despite all the difficulties to overcome this year, in December you will find yourself happy and that life is beautiful regardless of all your problems and issues. This year will really enrich Libra. Not all negative experiences have negative consequences. Thanks to these situations, we learn.

Don’t think about revenge just because your enemy is doing better than you. Bad luck could turn against you.

Get your partner or friend to go to a dance. It is the social event of the year and the atmosphere is great.




Scorpio December Horoscope:

Attentive fighter, provident and empathetic towards others.

The upcoming end of the year will bring positive energy into relationships. December promises Scorpios an excellent opportunity to meet the right person. By making acquaintances, you will enjoy a lot of fun, as well as flirt and passion. Completely new experiences await you. Even long-standing relationships will now flourish.

With the last month of this year – December, you are encouraged to invest all your energy at work. This can repay in the form of career growth or rewards, especially to the most diligent ones. Also, start looking around more carefully. Scorpio should refuse invitations to appointments.

Try the squash or another racquet sport. It will renew your energy.

Lately, you are healthy, so don’t be silly. Later you may have serious problems.




Sagittarius December Horoscope:

Resolute, energetic and full of desire and commitment.

December will bring about a kind of crisis. So, with regards to the career, it is useless to commit too much. Keeping the current pace of work will be sufficient. Excessive efforts would probably not make a difference. Sagittarius can expect a harmonious end of the year to spend with loved ones.

December will finally bring peace and harmony. You will have time to relax a little, take a deep breath and see the past year. Sagittarius has made great progress on a personal level. Now you are more balanced and deal with stress more easily. Nothing will ruin your Christmas now.

You should try to avoid your boss and immediately finish all the work so you don’t have any more problems.

If you have noticed a handmade piece that really caught your attention during shopping, don’t hesitate to buy it.

You are giving smiles to anyone, but inside you, you don’t feel so good. Say openly what worries you.




Capricorn December Horoscope:

Practical, cautious, persistent and serious.

According to the horoscope, in December you will feel at home in the family environment. So you will surround yourself with your family, friends, or spend more time with your other half. Capricorn will also have time to think, so you should define a feasible purpose for next year. He will respect that goal.

In the last month of this year – December, you can fully enjoy without second thoughts. You can also find time to look back on past events and relive them. Everything that has been done well is what you want to improve. You will mature on a personal level during this period and you will be able to better determine your priorities. Capricorns will have a successful year behind them.

You can expect a reward or praise. There is the possibility that your boss is in a good mood.

Visit a museum or an exhibition. You will have fun and maybe you will learn something new.




Aquarius December Horoscope:

Deep and romantic with a sense of experimentation.

The last chance for the Aquarius to be seen at work will come in December. You will not miss the energy and, therefore, even if others have already gone on vacation, you will still maintain a good work rate. This will be appreciated by your superiors, of course. You should also take care of your health. Don’t underestimate prevention on cold days and clothes so you stay warm.

The end of the year will bring a period of stability to work for Aquarius. Don’t let short days and boring events lead you to lower your work rate. Too much passivity is never a good idea. In December, you should also think about health and prevention. You certainly won’t want to get sick on Christmas.

Surely you shouldn’t be idling, even if others do. Your boss will notice the efforts you make.

If you want to lose weight, you should first stop with alcohol.




Pisces December Horoscope:

A modest and sensitive sign, they have a strong internal perception and inspiration.

At work, Pisces won’t rest much in December. There is nothing to be afraid of, though. If you keep the rhythm of the others, there will be no problems in sight. However, if you want to prepare Christmas sweets, you will have to wait for the weekend. You should also take care of your health this month: don’t underestimate the prevention in these cold days.

Pisces who have not yet met the soul mate will be able to live full of fun knowing people and flirting in December. Without even knowing it, you will be very attractive to the opposite sex and you will make new acquaintances very easily. According to the Horoscope, you will experience Christmas at its best with your family.

If your colleagues are jealous of you, think about whether something is wrong with what you are doing and try to be more accommodating.

Be careful not to neglect your loved ones, find some time for them on your agenda. They will be really happy.

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