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Choose an Angel, to Receive Your Spiritual Message that Will Guide Your Month of December

Do you believe in the messages from the universe?

For people who believe in the forces of the universe, its messages are very real and important because they guide us in life and can illuminate our way in the times when we are mostly lost.

These messages can reach us by the most different means. They adapt to our life and our way of being to be properly received. If you believe in the strength of these words, this quiz could be a great opportunity for you to receive a surprising message for the coming month.

It is an angelic oracle, they are messages of the universe transmitted by angels.

To receive your message for the month of December, choose one of the little angels shown in the picture and read on to find out what the angel will tell you.

Even if you do not believe in the forces of the universe, this test can also benefit you with words of wisdom and guidance. Do not hesitate to do it. Let’s go.

Choose an Angel, to Receive Your Spiritual Message that Will Guide Your Month of December

If you chose:



Angel number 1:

Because you are the creation of the universe, you reflect the divine qualities of creativity, wisdom, and love.

Your month of December will be filled with creativity, wisdom, and love. You will explore new areas of your consciousness, find out more about who you really are, and renew your relationship with others.

Your life will become much more authentic, it will help you attract a new person in your life who will be at your side and help you to be happier.




Angel number 2:

Keep purifying your motives so that they are completely pure and serve your true growth.

You are a person who is always trying to evolve in life and in December you will receive a great incentive to keep looking for your happiness.

The universe will open new doors in your life that will help you become happier and more successful. This is a reward for your efforts and your good heart. Enjoy!




Angel number 3:

Every moment spent thinking is like a coin in a piggy bank.

Reflection is our primary means of connecting with the heavens, and the universe tells you that in December you will have to spend more time on this activity. Your life may be busy, but it is crucial to take the time to connect with the universe and strengthen your faith.

If you start enjoying connecting again, you plant the seed that will lead you to a much more prosperous and happy reality.




Angel number 4:

Love-centered thoughts are geared towards a happy ending.

You are a natural thinker, build your ideal life in your mind and spend a lot of time analyzing it, thinking of everything you can do to achieve what you want. Your thoughts can be more appreciated if they are based on love. Love makes everything more beautiful and happier.

In December, the universe asks you to put more love in all your thoughts and dreams, and your reality is much better than you think.


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