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Monthly Horoscope October 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign

October, a transitional month between summer and a colder season, an undecided period if you still want to have a lot of fun and to socialize or push you to close and reflect.

The planets in Libra would still like to enjoy their free time as if they were on vacation but those in Scorpio will indicate an ideal phase to focus on themselves, on inner motions, for deep and analytical introspection.

One does not exclude the other, right? In fact, the real invitation of this sky will be to balance: take care of our Soul, the core of life, the root of our being, but also of our body, an indispensable point of arrival and continuation! The difficult one? Don’t let yourself be distracted in one way or the other! In short, we will have to commit ourselves, but as always.

October will end with a night of flavor between the magical and the funny, between the esoteric and the party-man: trick or treat? Have fun, but don’t be just superficial. Reflect but do not stay at home alone. Socialize but do not make the exterior and the others the only mirror that describes you.

Are you curious to know how these transits will affect your erotic, affective, working and family life? In the monthly horoscope, it will be explained in detail!

A clarification: these aspects concern generality.

To find out what your monthly horoscope has for you, continue reading your sign below:



Aries October Horoscope 2019:

A great desire to take action, a great dynamism, a perfect ability to reinvent yourself: you will really start great this October!

Too bad, however, that very soon you could run the risk of getting into a tunnel of nervousness and controversy. Who or what will cause this epidemic of strong emotions depends.

For some, it will be a family member or a domestic event; for others, love, for someone else, work. In general, you will have to be careful not to snap like a compressed spring. Moderate your nerves and pass without leaving a trace.



For love, October may not be a memorable month; for some of you, there will be external issues that will steal time, energy and desire to dedicate to love.

For others, it will be internal issues that make the atmosphere heavy.

For all, the stars suggest advancing on tiptoe, with lightness and grace: a dance through the difficulties that allows you to explore your emotions, to understand who you are, what your limits are but also your strengths.



Difficulties on the horizon? But your strategic capacity will be truly effective. You could bet on your ability to react. As well as on the likely good opportunities you should take on the fly after assessing the circumstances.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will remain with you but not for a long time yet: so if you wish to squeeze it like a lemon you are authorized by the stars!

This transit could bring you luck in business and finance, but this month you will also have to face some complications.




Taurus October Horoscope 2019:

Mercury in Scorpio announces what will be your weak point for the next few weeks: verbal impetuosity and a bit of mental confusion, a source of distraction and effort in concentration.

So all situations that you can easily curb, with a little commitment.

However, avoid letting your impulsivity free, especially in the family and with the people you are most intimately with. Warnings aside, you will experience a transition phase, useful for reflecting on the next objectives and on the changes in progress related to your needs.



October does not announce itself as a very encouraging month. You will experience unusual emotions, perhaps elusive or perhaps destabilizing for their intensity. In any case, what you experience will be clear about who you are and what you want.

So if you have any doubts, if you think you don’t know yourself, take a step back and observe yourself: these days some really interesting clues will emerge!

The problem, if anything, will be that to leave things as they are, to continue on the same habits, you will pretend not to see how many and what changes have occurred in you…



Here is a good, challenging period, which will require maximum concentration to carry forward the goals, the proposals and the situations put in place beforehand.

As they say, if you have had the bicycle, you will now have to ride: once you have had what you wanted, then you will have to start taking care of it.

The work? Better to limit yourself to the bare minimum. You will still be able to get by, don’t worry.




Gemini October Horoscope 2019:

A good start to the month, gritty and dynamic and full of positive emotions.

And then? And even better! A linear period is waiting for you, great to fix your chores, to smooth out any inconvenience in the family, to improve the dialogue or to meet nice friends.

And also to enjoy life: in addition to duties, there is a free time that must be enjoyed to the full in order to give a more satisfying imprint to existence. In October this will be the opportunity that the stars will offer you: to feel happier.



Even if you are usually a little drawn in love, detached and unwilling to let yourself go to warm displays of affection, this month you may find yourself more passionate, more eager for strong emotions and letting yourself go.

It may be because you have gone through a complicated period before, but it has served to bring out your need for love, which is in you as in everyone.

So a great time to let yourself be lulled by love and passion and above all to rediscover the accelerated rhythms of eroticism, the true favorite of October.



In routine work, you will give proof of precision, efficiency, and care.

Difficult to catch you unprepared, you will be so attentive to detail and organization. But if you do creative work, you can appeal to creativity, yes, but perhaps not as favored as rationality; certainly, however, you will find some good ideas.

In business, on the other hand, you will still have to fly low: it is better to avoid reckless investments and wait even before launching yourself into that demanding expense. It will not be a good time for money.




Cancer October Horoscope 2019:

October, this could be a two-speed month, due to the contradictory emotions that await you.

Let’s start with many positive aspects. Like the chance to make social life, go out more, meet interesting people and enjoy your free time as you prefer, including the possibility of a few weekends out of town.

Too bad only for some strong tensions that could, however, concern a precise situation and only that, or a particular person. In short, do not think that you will be at war with the world, because it will not be so.



You may often feel strange as if divided in half. If so, it will mean that you are mirroring the division in the sky, like a fracture between emotions and rationality, between love and sex.

Let’s face it, they are not areas that can be separated without creating artificial and unreal detachments.

But something or someone could put you against yourself and this kind of dystopia, of distorted vision, will be your way of reacting and metabolizing what you feel. So a temporary situation that should not push you to make clear decisions.



A month almost entirely with Mercury in Scorpio will mean having the opportunity to burn the stages and achieve outstanding results. First of all, because you will have very good communication with your assets.

Being clear, direct, effective means doing more than half of the work successfully. And it’s worth double if you work in commerce or with the public or if you have to close deals and contracts.

In any case, you will be able to make yourself worthy and achieve your goals. Of course, not without commitment and lots and lots of effort. Sometimes too much…

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