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Monthly Horoscope October 2019 For Each Zodiac Sign

Leo October Horoscope 2019:

Particular signs of the month: so much energy!

You will often feel as soft, dynamic and eager to change and move. Too bad, therefore, that your dynamism could often spill over into nervousness or even into controversy.

In short, strength yes, aggression no! The risk as often happens may be greater in the family and with the people, you feel more comfortable with. If there were misunderstandings, address them immediately: in fact, the first days of October will be very favorable for every purpose.



Passionate and full of energy: a beautiful combination of eroticism. You will start well October, loads like springs and full of good feelings. And with excellent opportunities, it must be said!

But to this mix, you will also have to add a certain tendency to a month-long misunderstanding, a trend that you will carry to the end and that will be increasingly exacerbated.

So much so that, at some point, even good feelings will be asked questions and the answers could be rather doubtful. Jealousy, insecurity, nervousness: but your energy will always remain high.



October will be all the more beneficial the more you act by playing prevention and cunning.

Transits advise you to set your agenda at the beginning of the month, taking advantage of the clear ideas you will have and the lesser burden of annoyances and impediments.

Also count the contingencies in the account, leaving you a day off each week for any eventuality. You will need it because October promises to be unpredictable, full of annoyances and squabbles, of delays and so on.

You will have the determination to face everything and even that bit of luck that you will need to protect the results and help you turn pages. In other words, if you fall, you will fall on your feet.




Virgo October Horoscope 2019:

News and sparkling and lively atmospheres!

Definitely a great month, full of interesting prospects for leisure, excellent opportunities to meet nice people or even to leave and enjoy a few weekends out of town. On the communicative, you can count, and this will encourage you to have clear and fluent relationships with everyone.

October will, therefore, be a pleasant month for personal reasons but not only. What is certain is that being able to enjoy to the fullest and to the best a good quality of life will help you to give the best even in everything else!



October will offer you many ideas to let you go to the emotions. Fragrant good feelings, situations that can involve you, but above all on an emotional level, apart from eroticism.

The passion will be neither disadvantaged nor encouraged in a particular way, so much will depend on you and your choices, your desires, the commitment you will make or not to make certain situations more malicious.

However, the added value of October will concern emotions, so if you are looking for chills, come forward and take action.



A great time for the profession, especially if you trade or deal with publishing, transport, communication in general.

Apart from favorite sectors, whatever your job, you can count on a prompt speech and a great capacity for concentration, which will allow you to always stay on the piece.

It will be an excellent time to sign a contract, look for a job or clarify your position in the office, in case of pre-existing problems.




Libra October Horoscope 2019:

Your birthday is due to start if you were not born in late September.

A phase that for almost everyone is usually based on reflections, projects, perhaps some melancholy for the past and another year that goes away (and one more that accumulates on the shoulders).

Overall, however, this month you will feel motivated to improve what you do not like, driven by great energy that will make you one of the most dynamic signs of the month. The great movement then, even if at times you will feel frustrated because you would like to proceed even faster…



The dominant note of the month: a great determination. Gritty and passionate, you will give the best with regard to eroticism, which will stand out among your favorite topics.

Feelings? Early in October, then you will enter a particular phase, unusually less romantic than usual, in which you will give proof of concreteness and you will want to think of hard work, facts, rather than ideals.

It will be your signature a little in all areas because you are going through an almost “cynical” phase, in which perhaps disappointed, you will take care of what you can take immediately.



Main wish: concretize your aspirations. Go to the point, without getting lost in small talk. Possibly monetize commitment, promises, and words.

A beautiful look determined to go to the bottom will characterize you. And this, above and beyond fine words and ideals, means above all one thing in work: the number of zeros in your current account!

So here you are determined and convinced, precise and efficient. You won’t give up a moment and some of you will actually succeed in the enterprise.




Scorpio October Horoscope 2019:

October may not start in a really flashy way. But with the passing of days, you are restless, ready to churn out ideas on good intentions!

Inside your little heart and in your little head your desire to improve, to revolutionize, to turn even old situations upside down will grow.

Well, a very good predisposition: but remember to think carefully and always proceed with caution, especially in the relationships now crystallized by habits. Or you will have to suffer the destabilizing consequences.

Overall, great for friendships, free time and even travel.



October will offer you many opportunities to liven up your emotions.

For some of you, it could be just the situation you have wanted for a long time, but for others, the pretext could be only unwelcome and the movement that will only create destabilizing confusion.

Get ready to live with your feet on fluid ground, with landscapes that could change from day to night. Those of you who appreciate it will have a wonderful time. Those seeking stability will have to learn to find it in themselves, in their emotions…



Here is an ideal time to set a perfect agenda of future commitments and goals, because you will enjoy a wide-ranging mental clarity, a clear view of the future and the real and concrete possibilities it offers you.

So a perfect time to establish good relationships in the office, to make a request to the big boss and expand the network of your contacts.

You will only have to be careful not to spill over into impulsiveness: too much security in you and in your thoughts could push you to react without considering all the factors at stake.

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