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New and Progressive Energies Come with a Rare Celestial Alignment

As we progress through June, we are faced with many different energies. Some of these energies are easy to deal with and others are not as much. On June 8, there was a very special energy incoming that can help us much more than we want to admit.

With Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, and Pluto apparently aligned, we will benefit from all these celestial bodies. This specific moon will be a waxing crescent moon and that means that we will feel much more in tune with our higher self.



When the moon is in this phase, we are all driven to be more positive and to grow more.

It helps us take control in a way that we could not have done otherwise. Of course, this can bring out our impulsive sides, but only within reasonable limits.

When paired with the energies of Saturn, Jupiter, and throwing a little Pluto into the mixture, this is really magnified.

While these energies are in place, which will likely last at least a week or two, you may find that comforting yourself is much easier than it would have been before.

This period is a wonderful time for you to really free yourself and be the person you want to be even if for a short time. You will be looking for something new to dive in and will take the time to develop your own mind.

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For all the signs of the zodiac, this whole event will be quite positive and full of progress.

New and Different Energies Come with a Rare Celesital Alignment 2As a person who finds it hard feeling useful and finding ways to help others, these energies, even before they are fully in place, allow me to do more and be more. It’s time to get things done and make your real colors shine as best you can.

Although communication during this period may be a bit uncertain here and there, overall misunderstandings will be very rare. The more positivity we seek, the better. I know, it may sound a little overwhelming, but when harnessed properly, these energies can do a world of good for all of us.

I strongly suggest taking a little time tonight to really clear your mind and see where you want to go from here. The more you apply these energies to your life, the better you will feel.

Of course, Pluto could make you feel a little anxious but not without reason. Take all these things one by one and see where they take you.

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