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What Powerful Crystals Should You Use, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Crystals are natural substances that have a very defined density and microscopic molecular structure, depending on the quality and quantity with which they are formed.

They are extremely beautiful and have a pretty good history in astrology. Throughout the ages, people have been talking about the effects that crystals can have on zodiacs and how they can make a person’s negative or positive disappear, and in some cases, save them from death.

Crystals may not be scientifically proven to be a savior or an infinity stone but people of all fields of life and all ages believe in their power. They can make or break a person and the more expensive or attractive the stone, the more power it gives to the individual. It becomes a shield that protects the person from all evil, is worshiped, and considered sacred.

They might or might not work. But, trust and belief remain. Not all crystals are the same. Some signs respond better to certain crystals more than other crystals. Likewise, a certain crystal could affect some zodiac signs for the worst. Let’s see which one is the best for you:





Aries expresses and counteracts the self-doubt that could arise in someone. Aries suffers from enormous self-doubt, and sometimes they have voices in their heads, which destroys any trust they may have with themselves or with others.

Therefore, the best crystals that an Aries can procure are carnelian, citrine, and garnet. Carnelian helps promote your voice, which would counter any doubts you may be having.

Citrine works psychoanalytically and helps improve your dreams so that you are more focused. Garnet improves endurance and helps performances that need it.





Peridot helps you by making you brave.

Carnelian helps you build positive zeal as you go along, and Pyrite gives you blessings for your work.





Jade removes all negative energy from your life.

Quartz helps you connect to your state of spirituality, and Carnelian promotes joy and power.





Moonstone helps you harness the free spirit in your body so that it can fly in the night sky because it derives its power from the moon.

Red Jasper is essential for developing your endurance and helps in adverse situations. Abalone connects you to people.

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Garnet brings out the passion in you because as a Leo it is who you are.

Tiger’s eye makes you wiser as you age, as they are charged and fueled by the sun and have no effect on different atmospheric conditions. Carnelian enhances creativity and zeal to move forward.





You are seriously detached from the rest of your friends because you just don’t want to worry. Red Jasper lets you stay in control and cool, and you have a cool, calm disposition when you’re around people.

Kyanite helps maintain the chakra, so you can go beyond your comfort zone and free yourself from problems. Jade keeps you grounded while establishing that you are still rich and prosperous.





Guilty of having second thoughts in every decision you make, you tend to lose sleep. You think that everything you have done would harm you and destroy the calm spirit with which you were born.

That’s when Lapis Lazuli comes in. They are a catalyst for good decision making, which you will not regret later. Likewise, Citrine promotes your exuberance and positivity and ensures that you will continue to realize the benefits that your actions can bring.

Finally, Labradorite protects and keeps your aura healthy.





Being fiery, you have a history of anger management and need the help of Citrine, Amethyst, and Malachite. Citrine is useful when it comes to spreading the light, invoking feelings of joy and happiness all around.

Malachite helps transform negative emotions into positive emotions, which results in emotional healing. Amethyst helps unlock your mind so that you are more open and accepting things that would erase your aura.

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The adventurous type, you always want to escape to nature, waiting for a thrilling and exciting adventure in every corner of the world. Bronzite would help you.

Being connected to the soul is important because you have to be true to yourself, otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for others to accept you as you are.

Citrine helps in this situation. And finally, Turquoise will always be your guide, your philosopher, and your knight in shiny armor, removing obstacles along the way.





Capricorns are people who would like to be in contact with their spiritual selves and they should use Azurite to be in contact with their aesthetic selves.

It helps when you are using Peridot for spiritual and energetic cleansing, which would be very helpful for you to be calm, composed in a relationship where you could be envious and spoil it.

Garnet helps to influence vibrations, remove blockages, and, as a birthstone, it also works to rejuvenate the mind.





Aquarians are forgiving and sometimes people trample on them, treating them like the soles of their feet. But sometimes they need Yellow jasper to cure what hurts them.

They also need Amethyst to heal their mind and body, to balance them.





Pisces are all about intuition. But sometimes they can question their own intuition and think they are wrong when predicting something. That’s when Aquamarine comes into play.

Besides being your birthstone, they are quite simply one of the most powerful stones that exist. They dispel your doubts, prompting you to be intuitive. Pisces are also about relationships.

Heartbreaks, love-struck emotions, etc., lead all Pisces to be what they are. This helps when Chrysocolla is applied, as it calms the heart when it leads to problems that depend solely on the heart. Amethyst calms and relaxes the mind.

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