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How Mercury Retroshade June 2020 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

June brings more than the start of summer this year. It also brings the second retrograde period of Mercury in 2020, which begins on June 17 and lasts until July 12.

But as always, before the actual start of the retrograde, we have two weeks to make our way through the shadow period of Mercury retrograde, also known as Mercury retroshade, which started on June 2 and lasts until the retrograde officially begins.

During the retroshade, we begin to feel the dizzying effects of Mercury’s impending backward rotation, but it will affect everyone differently, so it is useful to know how Mercury retroshade summer 2020 will affect each zodiac sign so that you can prepare yourself.

Mercury retrograde periods occur three to four times a year and are known to cause communication errors, scheduling mix-ups, technical breakdowns, travel problems, and many other inconveniences in our everyday life.

Before and after a retrograde, we have pre- and post-retrograde shadow periods, during which we may begin to notice things that slow down in areas of our life governed by Mercury. Now is a good time to intentionally slow down our calendars and conclude all major projects before the backslide sets in and begins to spoil our plans.

The Mercury retrograde [and retroshade] will occur in the watery sign of Cancer, making all of us feel overly moved. Emotions are much more likely to prevail over logic and even common sense right now, and lingering over past injuries and relationships can also be an issue.

Because Venus retrograde 2020 takes place at the same time as this particularly emotional Mercury retroshade, we are much more likely to get in touch with (or even feelings for) an ex-lover or to suddenly find ourselves focused on unresolved relationship problems and past misunderstandings.

Find out how the Mercury 2020 retroshade will affect your zodiac sign as we approach the major retrograde event of summer:




With your governing planet Mars in Pisces and this Mercury retroshade taking place in the equally emotional water sign Cancer, you will likely feel frustrated and unable to be your usual fiery self, Aries.

You might start to experience latent conflicts in your relationships and problems at home and at work. Don’t overreact! The best thing to do is to slow down, stay grounded, and try to manage things from the bottom up.





The likelihood of experiencing communication problems or accidentally saying something you don’t want is higher during this particular retrograde, Taurus. You can start to see [the potential for] future conflicts with co-workers, neighbors, and immediate family members, so be careful to avoid any misunderstandings.

Now is the time to start practicing paying close attention to your words and re-reading your texts and emails before sending them.





With your governing planet Mercury preparing its summer backspin in your house of value and money, you will want to make sure that you are dotting your Is and crossing your Ts when it comes to all major purchases, plans, and financial decisions during this retroshade.

Scheduled events may be delayed for you. Also, check your financial records and any investments you’ve made to keep your checkbook straight. It will be easy to run into roadblocks with money this summer, so planning ahead can make a difference.





Mercury does double duty in your sign this summer, Cancer, with its retrogrades and its retroshades which strike your ground, asking you to slow down and not to exhaust yourself.

You will need to spend more time on personal care in the coming weeks in order to stay grounded and stick to your schedule. Keep yourself balanced and watch out for problems that may arise in relationships right now. Pay close attention to detail.




This retrograde cycle will be much more focused on loneliness and introspection for you, Leo, so expect to feel even more nostalgic and caught up in your memories. Your subconscious mind and thoughts can go back to the past.

It’s fine, as long as you don’t take up too much brain space by reliving the emotional wounds. Even if you are dreaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keep a foot firmly grounded in reality so as not to be completely lost in a fantasy world once the retrograde strikes.





If there are any difficult or delicate conversations that you know you need to have with friends or colleagues, give them priority over the next few weeks, Virgo because once the actual retrograde is installed later this you may find it difficult to express yourself diplomatically this month.

Since Mercury is your governing planet, you may find your thinking and your speech confused, and don’t be surprised if you become more forgetful (which usually doesn’t happen to you). You may also feel the need to contact or speak with those from your past. Clear the air with your friends and colleagues now to avoid drama down the road.





Retrograde Mercury will be particularly intense for your work life this summer, Libra, so pay attention to the details and stay flexible about possible changes in your plans.

You can start to notice changes that need to be made in your career, and work can take unexpected turns. Now is a good time to smooth out details and resolve issues in all current or future work projects to ensure smoother navigation once the retrograde begins.





The current retrograde cycle creates for you, Scorpio, a strange kind of push-and-pull dilemma, as you are asked to slow down and pay close attention to the emotional details of your life, but your mind is more focused on seeing the bigger picture and your higher goals.

People close to you may need more love and attention, but you will find yourself thinking about continuing your education and dreaming of distant places. Try to find a balance between taking care of your daily business while nurturing your long-term aspirations.

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Problems regarding your most personal and private affairs begin to appear during this period, Sagittarius, so set aside time to give your full attention to things like your finances and your love life. You can start to rethink some of your intimate relationships, or problems can start to surface in this area.

Also take a look at financial documents, tax issues, and investments. While you may not want to make hasty moves, it is good to watch out for feelings that surface, as they could signal problems that require extra work.





You are feeling the effects of this darkness in your love life, Capricorn, so be prepared to potentially question the current state of your relationship and encounter communication problems with your partner. Don’t be surprised if you start to see cracks in your relationships.

You may need to spend time building the partnerships closest to you,” says Hale. Slowing down is what you’re going to have to do in the next six weeks. Treat one-on-one conversations more carefully and get into the habit of expressing your feelings more diplomatically to avoid feeling pain during the retrograde.





You take care of your business during this retroshade, Aquarius, and reassess the logistical elements of your daily life. As Mercury is going through its shadow period, you may need to focus more of your attention on work and the people you work with.

“It is also time to pay attention to your health and well-being, so be sure to rest. As long as you take care of yourself and pay close attention to timing and planning, you will easily navigate.





You express yourself naturally through creativity, Pisces, but you may find it difficult to focus now because you will be distracted by memories of the past and by many problems that arise in your social or dating life.

During the Mercury’s shadow phase, it may seem like your friends are tugging on your sleeve to get more attention or ask for your help. Do not be surprised if an old flame reappears or somehow arises. Keep your cool and manage each interaction carefully. Now is not the time to be overly emotional.


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