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New Astrological Year Starts on March 19, 2020! Here’s How it Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

March 19, 2020, is a big day in the stars, as it is officially the spring equinox and the first day of the Aries season which also marks the first day of the new astrological year 2020. This new start will affect all the zodiac signs in different ways. In astrology, the new year does not start on January 1, but rather with the start of the Aries season.

It is not surprising that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac year. This sign is the born head of the zodiac. It is a sign of tenacious cardinal fire, brimming with energy, zeal, and bravery. The energy of Aries is therefore exactly what we need for a fresh start. It is governed by the primitive planet Mars, which is associated with our physical and animal instincts, things like war, sex, anger, and passion.

If you look at the houses of the zodiac, Aries naturally rules the first house, which is the house of self. It is like the astrological basis of our pyramid of needs, representing our deepest sense of identity and our basic needs.

As the Sun heads to Aries and spring begins, there are a lot of opportunities to embrace a fresh start if you wish. Here is the approach you should take for the astrological new year based on your zodiac sign to help you make the most of this new start.




Happy Aries season, Aries! “It’s time to shine,”. “Go out! Be extra! Be a diva! Go big or go home! Indeed.

Shine your life like the heartbreaker you are and prepare for a year worthy of a diva to come. You do magic.





Live your new year in luxury, Taurus. “Take a cleansing bath filled with exotic flowers and oils to start the New Year without stress or anxiety,”.

Spring is here, just like the new Astro year, so soak up the good vibrations, fresh scents, and succulent feelings while washing away the energy that you no longer need.





You have so much to give, Gemini, and as the New Astrological Year arrives, you will be overflowing with energy to share. “Give back this new year by volunteering your time for humanitarian action,”.

This could launch a whole new season of giving, discovering new sides to your multifaceted self. Welcome it!





New beginnings spring from each everywhere, Cancer. The one you don’t want to miss right now is professional: “A new career opportunity will make you fly high,”.

Enjoy the promotion by celebrating after work. Leave your shell behind and go celebrate new sparkling horizons.





Get out of your norm today by taking your lunch break in the park with friends and colleagues. While you’re at it, think about breaking your standard all year round this year, Leo!

Shake things up and don’t get used to what your life has been like so far. There is still much to learn.





Your inner magic and wisdom are strong, calling to cast spells to embark on the new solar journey.

Connect with your earth goddess roots and explore the spiritual aspects of life. Not everything can be explained, Virgo, some things are just meant to be felt.





Nothing out of ordinary, just a Libra who falls back in love with the world. Put on your best dancing shoes and go out for a night on the town with your crush or your partner.

Nothing is perfect, but life is pretty sweet right now, so believe it will continue to get sweeter as you celebrate the Astro New Year.





A new astrological year means a new reason to reserve quality time for yourself, Scorpio. Treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment today to start the New Year pampered.

This year brings introspection, so a little spring cleaning for the soul and spirit is a good way to start things off.





As you get into this astrological new year, you’re going to absorb tons of good energy from the people around you, so be social.

A romantic evening with friends or your lover will be the inspiration today during the astrological new year.





Spring clean and spruce up your general mood in preparation for the coming astrological year, Capricorn! Buy flowers to spruce up your home to celebrate the festivities.

Treat yourself to sweet fragrances and flowers to delight your senses. Bask in the most springtime earthly pleasures and enjoy a year of joy that you deserve.





With your senses intensified, now is the time for you to take everything into account for treatment. Take a nice walk in your neighborhood to embrace the new season and the astrological new year.

Chat and laugh with your neighbors. You feel a major sense of interconnection and community – you feel good, right? Go on!





The Pisces season is over and the flames of Aries dry your tears. It’s a good feeling! Make positive claims to launch the astrological new year in style.

Glamor with self-esteem. Feel the fire of the new beginning and consider it your astrological new year.



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